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Skill Centres

About the Programme

Our Skill Centre in Greater Noida was programmed to help the underprivileged women to generate an income to be economically independent.

Housed in the same compound at our Jagshanti Udayan Ghar, this programme is to benefit the young women from Udayan Ghar as well as low-income women from neighbouring communities. We offer a gamut of courses ranging from stitching, beauty therapy, enamelled products, pottery and papercraft to Computer-added pattern making and graphic designing, designed to empower under-served women and lead them to financial independence.

Since the opening of the centre in 2003 with just one course in stitching and many more added later, we have empowered over 1000 women and today, over 135 of our students have been enrolled in various courses that match their talents.

We are happy to announce that with our success story at the Gr. Noida skill centre, we have now opened a second skill centre in Uttarakhand, Srinagar which was opened on Oct 2018, thanks to the Uttaroday Kilkiileshwar Trust. This centre aims at enhancing local people to learn skills which will generate income without them needing to migrate out.

Programme Objective

Ascending to financial independence

We are determined to train economically weaker women in skills that will help them access new vistas of employment. The impact of this programme is far reaching. The productive skills that increase the earning capacity of these women improve their ability to be financially independent.

Women with shining personalities

The center is a perfect medium to expose women we work with to practice personal grooming and etiquette. Apart from these skills, we take several sessions and a lot of care to ensure that these women develop themselves further.

Providing the marketing platform

We believe that a self-supporting model is the most effective, therefore, we are committed to create exclusive products employment for women from underprivileged communities while generating funds for Udayan Care. The items produced are sold advancing the center towards self-sustenance.