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Skill Centres

About the Programme

SDC provides training for those who have not been able to attain the educational level required to pursue higher education. Our courses are different from other training centres, as there is no minimum qualification or age specification required. We provide a whole gamut of options ranging from courses for those who are differently abled to those who are looking for a second chance to learn a skill set from which they can find employment and become financially independent.

The people who attend courses at the Skill Development Centres come from a wide variety of backgrounds:-

1.    Those who have left school before completing their basic 12 years of education because :-
i.    they needed to earn money in menial work in order to augment the family income;
ii.    they are not emotionally and/or psychologically fit enough to cope with school life;
2.    Children who have run away or were abandoned or were never enrolled in school by their parents.
3.    Older women who were never given the opportunity to study in school and were often married at an early age. Illiteracy does not prevent them from learning a craft.
4.    Those who are in school or college and want to learn vocational courses which are not available in their place of study or are too costly.
5.    Housewives who, once their children start school, have time to learn something new and want to be able to get employment or start their own enterprise.

Our first stitching centre was inaugurated in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh in 2004 and  over the years, more courses and facilities have been added as shown below:-

The Pauri Garhwal Skill Centre is situated in the outskirts of Pauri town with an incomparable view of the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas. Unlike the Greater Noida centre, there is no barrier to young men attending our centre and many are learning computer courses. Besides computer classes, we also offer courses in Hindi Typing, Stitching and Tailoring, Beauty Therapy and Personal Grooming.

Programme Objective

●    Since our Greater Noida centre is located in a building, which also houses one of Udayan Care’s children’s homes (Jagshanti), only women are allowed to attend this Centre. In this locality, many women’s activities are restricted according to the norms of a traditional patriarchal society. Because male students are not allowed admission, it makes it possible for local women to learn as well as work here. 
●    The Centre exposes the local women to new ideas and practices. It also provides them with a venue to meet other women, allowing them to develop bonds and form a support group amongst themselves. 
●    The Playschool offers a safe environment for children ensuring their mothers do not skip their courses on days when the children are having holidays.
●    No minimum qualification or age specification is required
●    We offer courses of high quality at a minimum cost compared with the marketplace. Our Graphic Design course costs 95% less than what is offered in the market. 
●    In 2021 a Citizens’ Entitlement Advisory service was started in our Pauri centre. This service is open to anyone from the community and gives information on government schemes that are available to different categories of people. We also offer assistance in making and tracking online applications. 

Ascending to financial independence

We provide training for women from economically weaker sections of society in skills that will enable them to gain employment within their locality. Not only does this give them a certain amount of financial independence, but it also increases their self-esteem immensely giving them the confidence to face the world.

Providing the marketing platform

We believe that a self-sustaining model is essential for our Centre in this increasingly competitive environment. We are therefore creating exclusive products for sale under the brand name ‘Sukriti’. It gives employment opportunities to women from underprivileged communities while at the same time generating funds for Udayan Care.