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Issues We Address

Child & Youth Care

In India, 23.6 million children live without parental care, that is, they lack the overnight care of at least one of their parents. These children, who have been temporarily or permanently separated from their biological families, need protection in the form of quality alternative care. The grave reality is that only 1.4% receives any sort of formal alternative care.


In India, girls' education is often considered the lowest priority; in particular, a girl's higher education. A 2017 National Commission for the Protection of Child Rights' (NCPCR report), also echoes similar worries that around 39.4 per cent of adolescent girls in the 15-18 age group are not attending any educational institution.


The youth of India is its untapped potential. 1 in every third person in the country is a youngster below the age of 24, yet most lack any formal exposure to skill development. Youth constitute a large chunk of the Indian workforce, yet 80% doesn't possess any marketable skills.

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Our Impact

Our Impact

Our Impact

Geeta (IT)

Geeta, a shy and docile girl got connected with our West Delhi IT Centre through one of our Alumna, her father switched

Shruti Kumari (USF)

Breaking traditions, crafting inspiration

Badal (After Care)

The winning battle of our Taekwondo Star

Swati Keshri (USF)

The odds were against Swati from a young age.

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Get Involved

Get Involved

Get Involved

Become a proponent of change! Invest your unique skills and valuable time to champion a cause you believe in
We are always on the look out to collaborate with like-minded organisations to co-create meaningful CSR programmes
Become a part of the Udayan Care family and make a meaningful impact on society

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By joining the movement, you have helped us light up the lives of countless underserved children and youth. Together we can continue to empower them with the security, education and skills they need to thrive and give back.

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Head Office: Udayan Care,
A-43, Chittaranjan Park,
New Delhi-110019 Contact No: 011-46548105/06


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    Udayan Care USA was incorporated in 2009 by Udayan Care's international volunteers anddonors...Click here to view website

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