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Earlier Reports


1. Trauma Informed Care: Concepts and Practices for Children in Alternative Care Download report


2. Publication of a series of booklets on Alternative Care - A series of 4 booklets on Alternative Care has been released by Udayan Care on 8th December 2016. Supported by UNICEF, the booklet are on Aftercare, Standards of care in CCIs and Foster care, while the 4th one on adoption is work in progress.


3. Two days workshop on Alterantive Care for Children in India, again supported by UNICEF, was held on the 8th and 9th of December 2016 at Nee Delhi. Experts from Bangalore, Pune, Kolkata and Jaipur, along with CWC members, NCPCR representatives, Govt officers from State and Centre along with NGO members participated in the deliberations that has kicked off a discussiona and debate on different aspects of Alternative Care for Children. This is in keeping with the global agenda gaining momentum on child protection.  

Watch the space for a complete report of the workshop

Download the Workshop Report

4. A Research paper published in an international reputed journal of child and youth care: CYC Net.  Click here to read the full Article

5. A day-long workshop on “Depression in Children and Young Adults living in Alternative Care: Challenges and Possibilities” was conducted in partnership with the Institute of Human Behaviour and Allied Sciences (IHBAS) on 1st September, 2017. Experts, practitioners and students, alike, participated in panel discussions about key consideration when addressing depression in children, and sharing experiences and models that are working on the ground.

Click here to download the entire report. 


In 2009 Udayan Care conducted two Conferences on ‘Positive Mental Health and the Wellbeing of Children in Institutional Care’ at the national level.

Udayan Care played a leadership role in setting up "Justice for Children: A Policy-Thought Network" (2013-14), an association of NGOs and government members for protection and advocacy of child rights.  In 2013, two symposia were conducted on Aftercare under the Juvenile Justice Act and ICPS, under the banner of this newly formed association.

In March 2014, Udayan Care launched an academic bi-annual journal, Institutionalised Children: Explorations and Beyond (ICEB). This journal aims to address the gaps in research, knowledge and counselling practices, prevalent in working with institutionalised children and with children in other forms of alternate care, in the 8 South Asian countries. The journal was launched bring together representatives from the domain of child rights, child protection and mental health, to focus on the issue of mental health, care and protection for children living in institutions in the South Asian countries.

The journal was released an International 2-day Conference on Standards of Care and Mental Health for Children in Institutional Care” with special focus on South Asia,  organized by Udayan Care, in collaboration with Amity University with a host of sponsors and partners. Over 250 people from 15 countries, and the representatives of the 8 South Asian countries attended the conference and enriched the discussions. Download Conference report:

Building upon the recommendations, Udayan Care conducted a Multi-Stakeholders’ Consultation on Aftercare Services for Children in Institutional Care on September 17, 2014, that brought key stakeholders on one platform, to discuss the future roadmap of After Care services in India. With an audience of about 80, there was participation from Child Rights organizations, CCIs, Lawyers, Mental Health practitioners, Child Welfare Committee members, and some government functionaries, and above all, young adults who were looked after in different institutions. 

Udayan Care organized a two-day workshop on topics related to the Mental Health Care and Management of Institutionalised Children and Young Adults for the key stakeholders on 19th-20th December, 2014.The workshop showcased the fact that there is a dearth of adequately trained staff to deal with the emotional and psychological complexities of the seriously victimized children, who enter institutionalization through the Child Protection system, having strong attendance from CWCs, NGOs and INGOs. The workshop came out to be a much needed platform where the mental health aspects of vulnerable children were discussed. Download the workshop report:

On 3rd September, 2015 Udayan Care organised Workshops to 'Deliver Better Outcomes for Institutions: Towards a Socially Adjusted Young Person". It started with a panel discussion of experts from Children's homes, and representatives from DCPCR and Corporate sector to deliberate on how to transition young adults successfully from Children's Homes. Another panel hugely appreciated was that of young adults themselves, who talked about the strengths and gaps they experienced while growing up in institutions. It was followed by two trainings for the child care workers to train young adults coming out of institutions towards a socially adjusted being.

The 2nd Biennial International Conference on “Improving Standards of Care for Alternative Child and Youth Care: Systems, Policies and Practices” focused on South Asia was organised by Udayancare, with a host of supporters, on March 18 & 19, 2016 at the Seminar Hall, Amity University, Noida, India

Over the 2 days, over 300 delegates comprising experts, practitioners, young adults and caregivers from Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Bhutan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Haiti, Canada, USA and Mexico and different States of India participated in the Conference. Participants from India included NGO members, Child Welfare Committee members and officers from the State Commissions for Child Rights Protection and various departments of the State Women and Child Development, as well as academicians, researchers and students. For more details, presentations and photographs of the Conference, please Click 

Download 2nd Biennial Conference Report Click here 



Udayan Care is continuously doing trainings on child neglect, abuse, childhood trauma, etc with its staff of more than 15 professional social workers, 40 care staff, and 25 voluntary mentor parents. With a psychotherapist and a child and adult psychiatrist on board, besides counselors, and psychologists, there are monthly trainings for them on issues related to child protection, abuse, neglect, trauma, attachment, etc.

Besides training its own staff, Udayan Care also trains cadre of other NGOs as well as Government staff on Juvenile Justice Act and Mental health. . We have done several trainings since 2009, amounting to 5 local (Delhi level), 3 national level (Gujarat, & 2 Districts of Jammu and Kashmir), and 1 (international level, where all the South asian countries participated).

Paper Presentations:

Following papers, which cover issues of at-risk, out of family support network children, were presented at different national and international fora.

1. “Trauma in Institutionalized Child Care and guidelines on how to deal with it", presented at ASCAPAP, New Delhi, India, Sept 2013

2. “Udayan Ghars (Sunshine Homes)”: A Comprehensive Psycho-Social Program for Institutionalized Children in Their Journey to Recovery", presented in “Journey to Recovery Conference” held in Melbourne, Australia, on 13-14 Aug, 2013

3. “Udayan Care’s (Sunshine Homes) After Care Program: A Unique Model of Transition from  Children’s Home to Independence”, presented in “Journey to Recovery Conference”, held in  Melbourne, Australia, on 5-6 March, 2015

4. “Addressing Challenges of Transition from Children’s Homes to Independence: Udayan Care’s Udayan Ghars (Sunshine Children’s Homes) & Aftercare Program"...presented at ISPCAN Asia Pacific Regional Conference on Child Abuse and Neglect, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 25-28 October 2015

Publication of papers:

1.      “Udayan Ghars (Sunshine Homes):  A Comprehensive Psycho-Social Programme For Instituionalised Children in Their Journey To Recovery”, INSTITUIONALISED CHILDREN: EXPLORATIONS AND BEYOND”, Vol1, No1, pp112-117

2.    “Udayan Ghars (Sunshine Homes): A unique Model as a Developmental Support to Children in institutions”, CHILDREN AUSTRALIA, Vol 39, No. 4, pp 226-231

Research Studies:

1. A longitudinal Study in progress on ASSESSING NEEDS OF CHILDREN IN CARE (ANCC), pilot presented as poster in ASCAPAP, New Delhi, India, Sept 2013

2. A Longitudinal Study in progress on ‘UNDERSTANDING ATTACHMENT PATTERNS AMONG ORPHANS IN RESIDENTIAL CARE HOMES IN NEW DELHI, INDIA”, with Udayan Care children and Duke University, USA

3. Building Cognition in Neglected Children, ongoing study started in 2015 with University of California, USA.