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Haridwar is an ancient holy city in the state of Uttarakhand on the bank of river Ganges. Average literacy rate of Haridwar district is 73.43 percent. Male literacy rate in Haridwar district is 81.04 percent. Female literacy rate in Haridwar district is 64.79 percent. The glaring disparity in the literacy rates of the city’s females compared to males gave impetus to the USF Hardwar Chapter. This chapter was established with the huge support of BHEL by giving 100 fellowships in 2012.

Agriculture being the main source of livelihood for about 55 per cent of the workers in the district, these girls, and often daughters of tempo drivers or flower vendors has been unable to pursue their education, owing to their humble backgrounds. With the assistance of BHEL and fellowship, young girls have been able to achieve the lives they aspire to. Since then, we have been able to reach 280 girls under USF programme.

Today we have 189 shalinis who are studying in Class XI to graduation. In 2018-19, we plan to induct 30 more Shalinis supported by Udayan Care, USA. Currently, USF is supporting 185 Shalinis at the Haridwar Chapter.