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Hyderabad is the capital of southern India's Telangana state; a major center for the technology industry. The aggregate populace of this city is 68.1 lakhs. According to Census 2011, the average literacy rate is 82.90 percent wherein, the education rate of males is 87.12 percent and females 78.50 percent. Regardless being a hub of multinational companies and employment opportunities, young women from economically weak sections in Hyderabad frequently suspend their higher education due to economic crunch and lack of adequate support from their families.

In the year 2015, with the support of Genpact and Microsoft, Udayan Shalini Fellowship was introduced in Hyderabad. The chapter was inaugurated by inducting a good strength of 70 young girls. Thanks to Ms. Shrikhla Chandhok who was instrumental in establishing the first chapter in South India. 205 girls are attached with pogramme at present and in 2019-20, 72 fellows will be inducted.Currently, USF is supporting 261 Shalinis at the Hyderabad Chapter.