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Aurangabad is a city in Maharashtra state with a total population of 12 lakhs, famous for its Ajanta and Ellora caves. The city has ample state board and CBSE schools to cater to the population in the city. In the field of higher education, Ambedkar Marathwada University, Medical College, NLU, engineering colleges and post-graduate colleges are available to aspiring boys and girls. Male literacy rate in Aurangabad district of Maharashtra is 87.37 per cent. Female literacy rate in Aurangabad district of Maharashtra is 70.08 per cent.

The USF programme in Aurangabad was the brainchild of a group of inspirational women who wanted to make a difference in the field of education, and they are Mrs Madhavi Thirani, Mrs Mamta Bagla, Mrs Rashmi Kedia, Mrs Anuradha Dhoot, Mrs Sudha Bazaz, Mrs Dimpi Machhar, Mrs Manju Agarwal, Mrs Aanchal Machhar, Ms Shaileja Sanganeria and Ms Shilpa Sharma.

The first batch was launched in 2008 with just 13 Shalinis. Amazed at the complete transformation of the girls in a short span, 40 young girls were inducted the very next year. Since then, we have inducted 305 Shalinis, including 100 in 2019-20, under the programme. The Fellowship provides Shalinis with a lot of enhanced mental stimulation; feelings of inferiority has given way to a sense of positivity, infusing the girls with a never before enthusiasm to learn and achieve.