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Fcra Disclosure 2016-2017

Kurukshetra: 11th Jan 2018: The new building for housing the children of Udayan Ghar was inaugurated today.

Sunrise Article 2
Volume 11, No 2

A scared and helpless child, wandered around on the streets of the city, eyes welled up with tears, desperately searching for familiar faces in...

Sunrise Article 1
Volume 10, No 5

This is the story of Priyanka who lost her father at the tender age of 14. After her father’s demise her mother started working to support the...

Guiding young lives for a better tomorrow
Guiding young lives for a better tomorrow

Udayan Care was founded in 1994 with the belief that Out-of-Home-Care children, if placed in family environment and not in orphanages, can repair...

Fcra Disclosure 2015-2016