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Research Papers

Research Papers Published by Udayan Care

November 2020

“The development of leaving care law, policy and practice in India”

Dr Kiran Modi, Aneesha Wadhwa, Leena Prasad

A paper was published in Child and Family Social Work journal which is based on extensive desk review, chronologically examines the evolution of aftercare laws and practices in India along with the factors that contributes to the rise of institutional care.

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December 2020

“Support For Youth Leaving Care: A National Research Study, India”

Kiran Modi, Lakshmi Madhavan, Leena Prasad, Gurneet Kalra, Suman Kasana, and Sanya Kapoor

A paper titled was published in International Journal of Child, Youth & Family Studies which is a condensed version of a study entitled “Beyond 18: Leaving Child Care Institutions — A Study of Aftercare Practices in Five States of India”, conducted and published in 2019 by Udayan Care, a charitable organisation, with support from UNICEF India and Tata Trusts. In light of this study’s findings, policy reforms and ways of developing robust aftercare programmes are recommended in relation to policy, practice, and law.

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December 2020

“Care and the COVID-19 Challenge: The Missing Link in the Fulfilment of Educational needs of Children and Young Persons Living in Alternative Care”

Dr Kiran Modi, Leena Prasad and Dr Gurneet Kalra

A paper was published in Indian Journal of School Health and Wellbeing which highlights the importance of addressing and gearing the overall child protection system along with the education system of India thereby providing recommendations and highlighting the importance of training and sensitizing teachers and carer staff in schools.

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April 2021

“Education, poverty and social exclusion: assessment of youth leaving care”

Dr Kiran Modi, Suman Kasana, Ali Azam, Lakshmi Madhavan

A paper was published in SN Social Sciences Journal which examines the interrelatedness of education, poverty and social exclusion among CLs through secondary literature and empirical data from Udayan Care's national study. Analysing the findings from the lens of the Capability Approach, the gaps in provisions of educational support to CLs and subsequent limitations to address challenges of poverty and social exclusion of this population are highlighted, also making recommendations on ways to improve CLs’ outcomes.

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