Vol 9, No.4 July August 2015
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Dear Friends,

The last few months have been good not just for everybody at Udayan Care, but also for the organisation itself. 'Institutionalised Children: Explorations & Beyond', an academic bi-annual journal - the first of its kind in South Asia-just published its fourth issue, covering diverse topics related to children in institutional care. The journal is focused on South Asian countries and addresses subjects such as Child and Adolescent Personality Assessment: A Practice Primer, Effective Case Management', Training Care Givers' and Sense of Place in Children's Residential Care Homes'. You can read more by clicking here. If you would like to subscribe, click here.

It is with great pride that I relay the news that Udayan Care is now a certified ISO 9001:2008 organisation for Accountability, Credibility & Transparency in Systems & Procedures for Program Implementation, Fund Raising, and Financial Management. It is a significant and joyous milestone in the life span of our organisation. And that's not all - after a thorough due-diligence process, Udayan Care has also been awarded the Guidestar India Platinum Certificate. With this wonderful news, we also laid out a grand welcome for our newest family members - Arun Talwar, COO, Udayan Care; Shalu Saharan and Swati Ticku, who will be Programme Coordinators; Jyoti, Assistant Programme Coordinator, USF Gurgaon; and Dr. D. C. Miglani, Supervisor cum Fund-raiser, USFP.

Like two sides to a coin, life at Udayan Care has both, happy and sad moments too. We welcomed new members to the family and bid a few tearful farewells. On August 20, 2015, our partner Udayan Care Australia's stalwart member, Robyn Beech lost her long, hard fight with cancer. We cherish every moment we had with her and are immensely grateful to God for having sent such a generous, selfless human being our way. Poornima Narang, our programme coordinator for USF, Aakanksha Tiwari and Ira Tamar, social workers with Udayan Ghar, and Sohini Karmakar, Manager, Resource Mobilisation bid us adieu as they left Udayan Care to explore new horizons. Their contributions are invaluable in making the children and youth of Udayan Care what they are today.

Read all about the success stories and achievements of our Udayan children and youth in the newsletter. And if you wish to contribute to their success, we have newly introduced a payment gateway to make supporting us as easy as possible.

So do run through, browse, and smile as much as we do every day, knowing we have your support in making the tomorrows of these youngsters brighter.

Dr. Kiran Modi
Managing Trustee


We are so proud to be a recipient of the Microsoft #UpgradeYourWorld grant. Udayan Care is one of five in the country to receive $ 50,000 and a combination of Microsoft technology, services, and promotional activities.

The Fine And Mighty Achievers
Meet the Superstars

Walt Disney once said that if you can dream it, then you can do it. Udayan Care's young minds have always dreamed big, their aspirations overcoming all obstacles and their determination seeing them through to the finish line in all walks of life.

Read more about our achievers


Beyond the Curriculum

We believe that learning should never be boring. Neither should it be restricted to the four walls of a classroom. From gender sensitisation and life skills to health camps and skits on freedom fighters, we brought these beliefs alive in the form of enriching workshops, awareness sessions, and industry interactions for Udayan Ghar children and mentors, Udayan Shalinis, and the Big Friend Little Friend programme.



  Fun Filled Activities
Knowledge is the best gift
The Agents Of Change Outside Udayan Care

Young minds are like sponges - they soak up enormous amounts of information and knowledge, especially if it is presented to them differently. And we must admit, our supporters - published authors, individuals, and organisations alike - know exactly how to break the monotony and provide enriching life, learning, and fun experiences to our children!

Read more as we soar ahead in future

Have You Seen Our Superheroes?

They don't wear a cape, but a broad smile instead. Their opponents are circumstances and lack of opportunities. Their special power is the ability to win over each and every one of them. That's right - we're talking about Udayan Care's young adults who have broken past barriers to reach for the sky and taste success.


  Nuturing Dreams
Helping dreams come true
Celebrating the joy of Giving

Udayan Care is blessed to have generous donors who ensure that our children and youth grow up in an environment that befits them. As we put on our running shoes and prepare for the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon, or take the pledge to keep more girls in schools, we look forward to your continued support and generosity.


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