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A Fellowship for Care Leavers, India

About the Programme

Fellowship for Care Leavers, India


On behalf of the Fellowship for Care Leavers, we express our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to our Selection Committee Members.

We are confident that our collective efforts yielded a great outcome for the Fellowship.

This was only possible through your commitment of time and effort, which is especially notable given your normal responsibilities.


Come, be the torch bearers for the future generations of Care Leavers!

A one-year Fellowship focused on developing and nurturing Care Leavers as agents of change, working towards improving the overall situation of Care Leaving in India. The Fellowship model was created keeping in mind the need for nurturing Care Leavers in India, and for them to follow their dreams and thrive exceptionally by giving back to society. The Fellowship aims to be a stepping stone for the Care Leavers in their own personal growth as well as bridging the existing gaps in society, by equipping them with suitable skills to navigate through the challenges and solve them. The academic curriculum of the Fellowship is tied together through a year-long, hands-on, Community Project to design innovative solutions for the Care Leavers community in India.

Programme Objective

Provide a platform for Care Leavers

The Fellows will get to hone their personal and professional growth through the curricula, and will be supported through a mentorship program. 

Incubate and launch initiatives

The Fellows will launch initiatives that benefit the larger Care Leavers community in India, including strengthening the Care Leavers network in their respective states and national level.