Vol7: No.4
July - August 2013

Hello Friends

I am Aakansha Mutreja, a USF Delhi Alumnae. I’m super excited as I have just returned from Frankfurt. Studying German at Delhi University, I always wondered if I would ever visit Germany. It seemed impossible, as I belong to a middle class family and finances were tight. I couldn’t believe it when I won a scholarship for a one month course at Deutscher Akademischer Austausche Dienst University. I’ve written all about my fantastic trip here. I’m also thrilled that 300 more Shalinis will be joining USF, now even in Jaipur. Now is their chance to fulfill their dreams!

Sky Is The Limit

"It was a tough decision for me to choose to live on my own. I would never have been able to do it if I didn't have the support of my Mentor Mums…”


The Global Connect

Dr. Kiran Modi addressed an audience in Melbourne, Stella Bildung Bewegt e.V. held a concert in Munich and a Raffle and Dinner coming up in Sydney.


Creating Magical Moments

We deeply appreciate the wonderful gesture of all our corporate and individual donors, who walked that extra mile for our children’s smile.



It’s been two months full of events – Friendship Day, Janmashtami, Youth Day, a visit by Anupam Kher and a musical evening with UK volunteers.


Join our Joy of Education Campaign

Participate in  the India Giving Challenge  and Delhi Marathon to ensure 191 children and 1800 girls their right to education.

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