Udayan Care
May -June 2012
Vol 6; No. 3

Udayan Care Sunrise

Hello Friends

This June, we went on Ranthambore Trip but before that, we were told to complete all the holiday homework, which I successfully completed, with Kiran bua’s and Isabel Aunty’s help. I was really excited to meet everyone and seeing the wildlife. But on reaching Ranthambore, I was scared of spotting a tiger! What if it jumped on me? But then I realized that there are many people who don’t even get to see many things and I am not one of those. I didn’t see the tiger but my Kiran bua did. That was the best moment when I saw bua being so happy, like she was living a dream. It was beautiful.

Big thanks to Meera di and bua for organizing such an amazing trip for us. Thank you so much for every moment that you gave us. I think everybody thinks the same as I do. I am proud to be an Udayan. Muuaah!

I also enjoyed a lot at this year’s Summer Camp. The best part of the Camp was that I got to spend almost a week with all my friends from different Ghars. Obviously, activities organised for us added to our learning. Udayan Care’s office is also abuzz with activity. Why? Because Home of Joy is back again!

On another happy note, the Board results of Udayans and Shalinis are out and they have done really well!

I also hear that Shalinis from USF Delhi learned about Global Warming in their Quarterly Workshop and children from Outreach Programme attended a workshop where they used Art Therapy and Craftwork. Our ITVT Programme also launched a Creative Design course at the VT Centre in Greater Noida.

Our volunteers are always nice and helpful but this time, Angeli Calinog, a volunteer from USA, is actually raising funds for our school supplies. Isn’t it wonderful? I like people who are helpful towards other people. Talking of nice people, two Big Friends have been selected as Base Leaders at their respective bases.

That’s a bagful of activities for two months, but interesting nevertheless! You can read more about our adventures by clicking here.

Manisha Udayan, (15)
Class VIII, Tagore International School,
Udayan Ghar, Sant Nagar

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Stop Press

The results of our Udayans and Shalinis are out and they have passed with flying colours! We congratulate our donors, mentors, teachers, volunteers and friends for making it possible.

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