Udayan Care
March -April 2012
Vol 6; No. 2

Udayan Care Sunrise

Hello Friends,

I am Sanjay Udayan and live at Udayan Ghar, Mayur Vihar. I love writing and am thrilled to be the Editor for this Newsletter, sharing my thoughts with all of you, who are part of my life.

March and April were exciting months for all of us. After exams some of the younger children at Udayan Ghars went to Kurukshetra for a holiday. They came back full of stories of their holiday with their Udayan siblings who live in Kurukshetra!

I continued my art classes at the National Gallery of Modern Art. I also wrote a story called ‘Life Can Be Changed’ about a little boy called Shlok whose life changes when he finds a home to call his own. Click here to read my story

After the holiday, it was school time again - I was very excited to go through my new Art Books!

A team also came from Germany to meet with Shalinis in Delhi. UPS Foundation visited the IT Centre in Badarpur and Dr. Randy Yeh, Udayan Care’s partner conducted trainings for new Big Friends.

We were lucky to have volunteers from different countries staying at Udayan Ghars. They helped us study for exams and were a lot of fun to be with during our short vacation!

Now that summer vacations are here, we are busy preparing for the Summer Camp!

You can read more about us in the Miracles of Hope section.

Phew! That’s all I can write! You can Click here to read all about what happened during March-April at Udayan Care.

Till next time, this is Sanjay Udayan, signing off.

Sanjay Udayan, (15)
Class VII, Universal Public School
Udayan Ghar, Mayur Vihar - I



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