Udayan Care

Vol 5; No. 2

Udayan Care Sunrise

A whopping sixer


What sets Udai Singh apart from regular folks? Many things, but most of all the fact that he is just 6 years old. At this age most kids are too busy thinking of what they can ask their parents for next. Well Udai too asked his parents for a wish on his 6th birthday.

A wish that deeply moved all of us at Udayan Care. Udai wanted all his friends to bring him just one thing – a contribution to Udayan Care so that another child could also celebrate his birthday with joy! His pure heart to do something for children helped Udayan Care raise Rs.25000!


Udayan Ghar Programme
Colours of Joys
Our children across the home celebrated the festival of colours with great excitement and enthusiasm.

Exploring historic Kurukshetra
Children at the Noida Ghar had a surprise trip to Kurushetra, the land of Gita!
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Udayan Shalini Fellowships (USF)
Jab Koi Sataye To Kis Ko Batayein
To mark International Women’s Day Shalinis in Delhi conducted a social campaign on safety of girls titled “Jab Koi Sataye To Kis Ko Batayein”, on the 6th of March 2011 to raise awareness among communities in Mongolpuri.

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Udayan Care Information Technology & Vocational Training Centres
Students Certified
178 students from Udayan Care Information Technology & Vocational Training Centres were certified in a convocation ceremony.
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Udayan Outreach Programme
A workshop organised for children and parents was a good start in giving children the chance to face an audience, increasing their confidence while helping them develop communication skills.
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Volunteer Management
Udayan Care Crosses Sydney Bridge
Udayan Care’s chapter in Australia participated in the International Woman’s Day walk when women in Sydney crossed the Sydney Bridge.
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Miracles of Hope


23 year old Manisha*, who has been with us at Udayan Ghar for 9 nine years, will be joining Hotel Marriot in July! Something she could never have imagined when she came to Udayan Ghar at the tender age of 14 years. Having lost her mother and her father unable to take care of her, Manisha had lost all hope. With love and care of her Udayan family, Manisha worked hard at her academics. Her sincerity helped her secure admission in a prestigious institute for hotel management, where she is now completing her final year. Recognising her potential during on-campus placements the team from Hotel Marriot, quickly appointed her. As Manisha adds, “I can’t wait to begin as Manager (Trainee) in July!”
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