Udayan Care

Vol 4; No. 6

Udayan Care Sunrise

150 new Shalinis come on board!

150 new Shalinis come on board!

As the induction process for deserving young girls continued, 100 Shalinis were inducted in USF Kolkata Chapter and 50 eager girls in USF Delhi in memorable ceremonies!
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Ruchika’s speedy recovery – our best Christmas gift

Udayan Ghar Jaipur had a double Christmas celebration as Ruchika came back home from the hospital.

Ruchika had been suffering from stomach ache, pain in her left leg and vomiting. She was admitted to the hospital where she was diagnosed with obstruction in her intestines, due to prolonged T.B. which she was suffering from before she came to Udayan Care. Surgery was the only answer.

With timely medical aid and good care of the hospital, her Udayan care givers and her mentor mothers, Ruchika was back home within 15 days and and is leading a normal life.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        


Udayan Ghar Programme

Festive Season Celebrations
The festive season is always a time of cheer and excitement as all Udayan Ghars prepare themselves for Diwali, Bhai Dhooj and Christmas

Children’s Day sees a new Udayan Ghar at Mayur Vihar
Sachin Udayan and his 8 Udayan brothers celebrated the eve of  Children’s Day in their new Ghar at Mayur Vihar!
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Udayan Shalini Fellowships (USF)

Budding Shalinis
Neeta Bhalerao and Sheetal Surashe from USF Aurangabad did us proud!

Rallying Against Tobacco
Dehradun Shalinis executed a Rally on Tobacco Abolition, attracting the interest of the media.
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Udayan Care Information Technology & Vocational Training Centres

Enhancing employability of the youth
279 youngsters were selected for the Spoken English classes conducted in partnership with Times of India (CSR) at 4 of Udayan Care IT&VT centres.
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Udayan Outreach Programme

Team work is the key to success
Workshops with parents and children included group activities to demonstrate importance of team work to the families.
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Volunteer Management

More Big Friends Come Aboard
With Mr. Randolph T Yeh visiting India and rigourous efforts of the Udayan Care team, both students and working people came aboard as Big Friends.
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Head Office, Udayan Care
16/97 A, 1st Floor, Vikram Vihar, Lajpat Nagar-IV, New Delhi-110024,
Tel.: 011- 46548105/ 46548106
For further details, visit us: www.udayancare.org
e-mail us at:
meenakshi.kohli@udayancare.org, info@udayancare.org

Stop Press
Preview of the 5thAdi Dassler Udayan Care Sports Day. Detailed report in the next newsletter.

Over 300 people Ran to Stamp Out violation of Child Rights

Over 300 people Ran to Stamp Out violation of Child Rights

Udayan Care evolved a unique concept of hopscotch  mats at the Marathon.

The unique mats attracted 30,000 people spreading the message that children have a right to live, learn, play and develop.

Udayan Care’s Efforts receive Recognition

Udayan Care’s Efforts receive Recognition

Udayan Care was awarded the prestigious PHD Chamber Award for Outstanding Contribution to Social Welfare given away by the Hon’able Finanace Minister Mr. Pranab Mukherjee.