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Highlights of September- October 2010

Dolly Anand
Mentor Mother, Udayan Ghar III


Udayan Children

When 12 cheerful faces greet you with smiles,
When 12 pair of hands reach out to hold you,
When 12 pair of eyes are sparkling with love,
What can a mother’s heart do but melt.

When a little head quickly claims your lap,
When loving little arms entwine your neck,
When tiny little hands enfold your hand,
What can a mother’s heart do but melt.

When the teenage heart is full with new emotions,
When her mind is full of fear and commotions,
When all she needs is a hug and patience,
What can a mother’s heart do but melt.

When a mischievous twinkle lights the eye,
When a longing gaze seeks a gentle touch,
When a craving heart yearns to call you, “Ma”,
What can a mother’s heart do but melt.

Mrs. Dolly Anand is one of the founders of Udayan Ghar III in Mehrauli, way back in 1999. A masters in English literature, since the time of joining the Udayan Care family till date, she has broken all records in winning over her wards.



Our Proud Udayan at the Women’s Conference 2010 !

Salma at the Women’s Conference

Salma Udayan of Udayan Ghar III, Mehrauli, was invited to be a part of Women’s Conference 2010, held at Long Beach, California this 24th, 25th & 26th October. Salma, a member of Children’s Advisory Board, Plan India, was present as the Key Note Speaker for a session on Plan International’s “Because I am a Girl” campaign. She spoke about her experiences of growing up in India as a girl and how investing in girls is important to end generational poverty. Inspired and impressed by her speech, she was requested to speak at the MMC corporate office in New York where she went after the conference. The Women’s Conference 2010 is America’s premier forum for women, empowering women to be Architects of Change in their own lives, their communities and the world. More than 140 extraordinary speakers came together with 30,000 women who were educated, inspired and empowered.

Priyanka Udayan with Gandhi Ji’s Charkha

On a Gandhi Trail !

Priyanka from our Greater Noida home did us proud as she succeeded in catching the Gandhi Trail! This October, Youth 4 Gandhi Foundation organized a digital poster painting competition on the theme ‘Gandhi & Sports’. Priyanka, while being the only child participating from an NGO, was awarded the 2nd prize for her digital creation on the theme and earned herself a Digital Camera! Four years back, Priyanka, barely 13, was highly traumatized at the loss of her parents and abandonement by her extended family. Today, a sensitive child, she has coped with her past perfectly and is moving ahead to a fulfilling future, exploring new avenues with a drive to excel. 


In Proximity to Technology !

The Udayan Outreach Programme continued with its monthly workshops with the HIV +ve parents and affected children. The older children of the programme were instructed that they become familiar with computer and its applications. While the children in private schools know the operation, the children in government schools had limited knowledge and access to it. Hence, this was an attempt to make them more aware. To our sheer surprise, most of the children came for the next workshop with their email ids in hand!

The Plan Ahead !

As the programme enters its 6th year, we plan to expand the reach of the programme by taking 20 more children under its, wings, thereby touching the lives of 20 more families. Do support us in giving better education and nutrition to the children who most of the time, suffer from lack of attention to their needs. To know more, log on to http://udayancare.org/



Enrollments & Certifications !

The month of September and October saw 110 enrolments in various courses of the IT centres. Also, 39 students of these centres were certified as they completed their courses.

Our Trainee sensitizing a resident at the community mobilization drive

Community Mobilization & Survey !

Vinod Nagar Centre once again went on a survey to sensitize the residents about the need for computer literacy and mobilize them about joining the centre. This time, areas of Kalyanpuri, Khichdipur and East Vinod Nagar were covered where about 100 people were made aware of the same.

Global Community Day !

Student from our centre at Citibank on Global Community Day

On 23rd Oct 2010 Citi Bank employees celebrated Global Community Day with children from our Narsinghpur community. 38 children from our Narsinghpur village community and 11 from our Udayan Ghar, Gurgaon,a total 49 school going children participated in the event. The children were given a session on ‘financial literacy’ after which, they organized a ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati’ quiz which our children thoroughly enjoyed!



Spoken English Classes of Teach India at our Centres !

Look forward to news of the recent partnership of our IT&VT Centres with TOI’s Spoken English Classes at our various centres and how it is catching speed!




Home of Joy !

Our ‘Home of Joy’ at Make My Trip Office in Gurgaon

This year, our Home of Joy at the Joy of Giving Week was partnered by 10 corporates, LG Electronics India, Vatika Group, ASOS, Headstrong Corporation, Balrampur Chini Mills Ltd., LT Foods Ltd., Jindal Steels Ltd., Polyplex Ltd., Genpact, Standard Chartered and Make My Trip. Then we also had enthusiastic supporters like Dr. Dang, Teksons and Mahajan Imaging Centre who took part in our event by spreading the news of Joy through their business centres. A special thanks goes to all our corporates and supporters who made our five week-long event a success! The support has assured us of giving back the lost childhood to the orphaned and abandoned children for whom we intend to build and sustain ‘Homes of Joy’ through this event.

India Giving Challenge !

We extend our heartiest thanks to all our donors and supporters at the India Giving Challenge, a fundraiser of GiveIndia where they came forward to contribute to our cause. This Challenge came with a difference and an opportunity of expanding the effect of every contribution. This initiative by Give India allowed each individual to double the effect of their contribution as they had matching grants which Udayan Care also got a chance to win one week, with every donation having a multiplier effect!

Partners in Cause !

We welcome all our partners & donors who joined hands with our cause in the last two months. We hope we will cover a good part of our journey together and in a bigger, better way! To mention some, we have institutes like Common Cause Foundation and individuals like Dayita Datta.



Big-Little at the CWG! !

A photograph shared by our Little Friend from her experience at the CWG

Big Friends from our Big Friend Programme did not want to lose the precious chance of watching the Commonwealth Games live with their Little Friends. Thus, this 10th October, they took their Little Friends on an outing to the Commonwealth Games and watched various events with them while sharing quality time together!

We look forward to the visit of our initiator and contributor of the programme and founder of New Path Foundation, Mr. Randy Yeh to our office to take the programme to the next level and expand it at the same time.

Welcome to All !

As our existing volunteers continue with us, we also welcome our new international volunteers, Luz, Stephanie, Susan Hummer, Christin and Leopold who have joined the Udayan Care family and have come forward to contribute their time and skills at the office as well as the Ghars in areas such as online donations, improving of the volunteer programme and marketing of products etc.. A hearty welcome also goes to our interns, Pragya Sharma, Saloni Parashar, Prince Bhatia, Kinshuk Snehi and Abhinav Mathur who are contributing to us with their expertise in areas such as communications, advocacy and social mapping.



 Our Efforts, Your Support :

50% Tax Exemption under 80G !

All the efforts that we are making and more, has been possible only because of your support and participation. Do continue helping us. Your one little step towards us can help the underprivileged lead a life of dignity and give them their due rights. You can give family to an orphan, education to a disadvantaged girl; health to an HIV affected child and livelihood to an underserved youth. Click here to download Udayan Care donation form to avail 80G tax exempt.

Avail 100% Tax Exemption !

As this year comes to a close and each one of us will be planning our taxes soon, we at Udayan Care extend our appeal to support us and make a difference in the lives of orphaned and abandoned children today. Every contribution, no matter how big or small it is, goes a long way in changing lives of the disadvantaged. To put in your contribution today, click here to donate to our Greater Noida home which is also a Hostel for Women and avail 100% Tax Exemption under section 35 AC.



 Looking Ahead :

Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2010 !

Look forward to a review of how we succeeded in “Stamping Out” wrongs that happen to children at the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2010 with the help of partners and supporters in our cause, both corporates and individual pledge raisers.

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