Vol. 4 No. 4

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Highlights of July - August 2010

Ruhi Mahajan
(As she reflects on her life, past and present.)
Udayan Ghar III Alumni

When there were no stars for me,
When there were no sun and moon for me,
Even if they were there; they were not meant for me.
I was only with myself when I was sent to heaven.
Heaven where there were many angels,
Angels who helped me regain my faith,
My belief; helped me build back my trust.
I was so hurt, I didn't bother to care;
But they were angels! They never treated me the same way.
My life's most precious years, they helped me out,
Helped me stand proud and confident
Now I know, why those angels tried to protect me,
They never meant to hold me back,
They just wanted me to face the world with a smile;
A smile which spreads joy and bring smile to others.
They mean a lot to me. They hold a special corner in my heart.
They are my Udayan Family

Ruhi, joined the Udayan family at the age of 14 and since then, there has been no turning back. Today, 10 years on, she is a perfect example of an achiever despite all hurdles. Not only is she a valued employee of Technovate E-solutions today where she joined after her diploma in Travel & Tourism, but also a home-maker. Married to Surendra, a man of her choice, Ruhi stands a proud Udayan with the values and simplicity that Udayan Care holds close to its heart.



The Silent Struggle that Yielded Result !

Reeta Namdev, a fellow from the 4th batch of Udayan Shalini Fellowship Programme made a mark for herself, one that she promised herself when she was a child. Visually impaired, and from a family of landless farmers in a small village in UP, it was a challenge for her to get people to even listen to her. Today, at 28 she has a whole class of 50 listening to her without a blink in the eye. Read more…

Mary Kay Ash’s “Beauty that Count” Reaches Delhi !

We celebrate the arrival of Mary Kay® in New Delhi, as the partnership with Udayan Care reaches out to scale heights. As soon as Mary Kay entered the Indian market last year, they partnered Udayan Care in a cause related marketing initiative under their umbrella of “Beauty That Counts”  

Founded on the Golden Rule and emphasis on the importance of giving back to society, Mary Kay will donate Rs. 47 (US$ 1), from each sale of two of their beauty products. To read the full report, click here.

Making News !

16 years of Udayan Care was the feature of “Dilli Dil Se” telecast on Sahara News, on 26th July. The interview with our  Managing Trustee, talked about Udayan Care’s journey which has  motivated civil society members from all professions and walks of life to join hands with Udayan Care, to make this world, a better place for the less privileged.

Welcoming our New Staffs !

This issue, we would like to introduce to you, our Director, Communications, Meenakshi Kohli, our Volunteer Co-ordinator, Archi Basu and our Social Worker of Pratap Nagar and Mayur Vihar Home, Rahul Raja. We look forward to a strengthened team, scaling greater heights.



Our Udayan Outreach Programme (for HIV/AIDS affected children) caters to not only the immediate needs of the children but also their long-term developmental needs. Thus, apart from the nutritional and educational needs of the children, we also focus on the overall development for which we carried out two series of workshops in the past two months.

Manvi reading an article on literacy rate in India

Confidence Building & Public Speaking !

It is said, ‘Strike while the iron is hot.’ A child’s mind can be moulded easily and hence the workshop was an attempt to shape our Udayan Outreach children to better communicators. A workshop was also organized on Public speaking and confidence building. The children were taught speech making skills - how to open a speech, close a speech, eye contact, use of hands, use of voice dynamically etc - which was received well by the children.

“I am very shy. I never answer in class or present anything. But at the workshop I feel like participating like the other children. I also enjoy watching the other children.”Naz Parveen

Honing Talents & Skills !

An Outreach child practicing his keyboard skills

A workshop on ‘Identifying and Encouraging Children’s Talents & Interests’ were also carried out in August which was basically aimed towards promoting supportive behavior from parents regarding their child’s interests and talents.



An Insight into our Narsinghpur Centre !

Amongst the computer centers of Udayan Care, Narsinghpur Center is growing rapidly to touch the new horizon of success. This center is running in such an area where poverty and restrictions persist. The educational atmosphere is negligible and there is a massive economic divide in the community. The Udayan Care IT&VT center ignited the flame of computer education in this rural area. This center not only provides theoretical knowledge to the children and youth but also allows overall development and advanced computer education to the students. The extra-curricular activities including competitions like quizzes keep everyone engaged towards learning with enthusiastic participation.

Road Show of IT & VT Centre in Tulagpur Village

Road Show !

Every month, we had a community mobilization, this time around, we thought; why not mobilize with a difference! Thus, our Co-ordinator, trainers and students from the Greater NOIDA centre designed a road show that brought better visibility into the programme and its courses. The show covered the Tugalpur village of Greater NOIDA and more than 100 people were made aware in the span of few hours.



Home of Joy at Joy of Giving Week !

Home of Joy is our initiative towards raising resources to build and sustain homes for orphaned and abandoned children. In August, we flagged off our ‘Home of Joy’ celebration at the Joy of Giving Week which falls in September. Last year, This year, we are reaching out to the corporate fraternity as well as every individual. The celebration continues till 2nd October. To join us to give each disadvantaged their due just click http://www.giveindia.org/give/pledgepage/udayancarehomeofjoy.

At present, we have nine corporate on board- LG Electronics India, Vatika Group, ASOS, Headstrong Corporation, Balrampur Chini Mills Ltd., LT Foods Ltd., Jindal Steels Ltd., Polyplex Ltd., Genpact and Make My Trip. Apart from the corporate, we also have generous and enthusiastic individuals who have agreed to spread the news of our Home of Joy at their business centres. Here, we have with us, Dr. Dang, Teksons and Mahajan Imaging Centre. A special thanks goes out to each one of our partners in progress!

India Giving Challenge !

It is said, when you wish to help, the opportunities are boundless. We are also celebrating India Giving Challenge where we have taken forward our Home of Joy. This Challenge comes with a difference and an opportunity of expanding the effect of your contribution. This initiative by Give India allows each one of us to double the effect of our contribution as they have matching grants for every week! This Challenge that started on the 8th of September continues till 20th October and gives everyone a chance at helping the ones less privileged. Every contribution counts, so you can log on to http://www.giveindia.org/give/pledgepage/udayancarehomeofjoy for making a difference.

Cyclothon !

Mr Sanjeev Mohanty, MD, Benetton India getting ready for the ride with his team
Our Cyclists Team from United Colors of Benetton, India

On 29th August, for the first time ever, Delhi had its share of excitement at hosting the Cyclothon that had already made its rounds in Mumbai. 29th August.  Delhi saw enthusiastic riders pedaling down the streets of central Delhi. Each one had a reason for participating as did United Colors of Benetton, whose 20 employees cycled for Udayan Care and the cause of the underprivileged. Among them was the Managing Director, Sanjeev Mohanty who was a source of inspiration for his colleagues. Thank you Benetton India and thanks to Mr. Mohanty for his class act!

Raksha Bandhan Kiosks !

As we do every year, we had stalls with our products set up for Raksha Bandhan at various corporate offices. A warm thank you to Orange, Nestle, Serco and Globallogic for allowing us the space.



Big Friend Volunteer Programme !

The Big Friend programme which aims at providing a friend and a guide to young girls from weaker sections of the society, touched greater heights. 14 more Big Friends joined us after being selected through analysis of a detailed application which is designed to understand their personality type. The volunteers were then given their first stage of presentation and induction into the programme which allowed them to absorb the programme well. People from various corporate offices also come forward to be a part of the initiative. We are looking forward to Big Friend reaching various sectors and sections of Delhi and spreading beyond.

Experiencing Cause !

As every quarter, these past two months, we saw interns coming in from management institutes such as SOIL and IIFT as well as students from colleges such as Lady Sriram College and Amity. The interns have been allotted projects which they submit at the end of their tenure, giving them a brief overview of the social sector and more specifically, the cause.

The interns from SOIL are working on a plan to track the benefits experienced by the girls of USF. Students from LSR will tutor children at Sant Nagar Home. The Amity interns will devise effective monitoring and evaluation tool for Udayan Ghars. Interns from IIFT have taken up various tasks like Finance, Marketing, Advocacy and impact of social networking sites on children.

Welcoming our Volunteers !

Kanika Madan, Puloma Dasgupta, Sunaina Kaila, Achal Gupta and Isha Dayal have volunteered to work with the children across our Ghars. We also welcome our international volunteers - Ina Rueber, Anna Hartmann, Anna Trabert, Lisa, Milena, Sandra, Luis who are helping us both at the office and the homes.

Impressions !

Katharina Durr, who volunteered with us, last year has come back to us this year again. As she says, “I find a home away from home”. Such is the commitment of our volunteers which gives us the motivation to keep going forward.


 Our Efforts, Your Support :

All the efforts that we are making and more, has been possible only because of your support and participation. Do continue helping us. Your one little step towards us can help the underprivileged lead a life of dignity and give them their due rights. You can give family to an orphan, education to a disadvantaged girl; health to an HIV affected child and livelihood to an underserved youth. Click here to download Udayan Care donation form.


 Looking Ahead :
One of our Corporate teams last year

Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2010 !

Last year, at the marathon, Udayan Care was the Highest Pledge Raiser under Corporate Challenge. This year, we look forward to more support from every individual and corporate. The registrations are open for the event which is scheduled for 21st November. You can choose to support the cause of the underprivileged! You can run for Udayan Care or support those who run for us! Join us in our cause. For more information, please contact Ms. Ravinder A Walia (+91-9818226335) or Dr. Kiran Modi (+91-9810509654).

Home of Joy !

Watch out for Home of Joy Celebration in ASOS (London), UK’s largest independent online fashion and beauty retailer throughout the month of October. The company will raise awareness and collect funds for building and sustaining Udayan Ghars.

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