Sanjay Udayan (14 yrs) Mayur Vihar Home for Boys Home II

Udayan is a flower, smell it.
Udayan is a game, play it.
Udayan is a song, sing it.
Udayan is sunlight, take it.
Udayan is water, drink it.
Udayan is air, breathe it.
Udayan is a movie, watch it.
Udayan is a scenery, draw it.
Udayan is a child’s life, see it.
Udayan is a right way of life, walk it.
Udayan is the future of me and more children. see it.
Udayan is a beautiful place, live it.

Aged 10 and unlettered, Sanjay came to us in 2006 after he lost both parents. Today, four years on, this is how he feels about his home- he calls Udayan Care “Love of his Life’.


Annual Review and Planning
Annual Review & Planning Retreat- March, 2010
The hard work that everyone in Udayan Care put in at the Annual Review & Planning reaped its fruit at the three day Retreat at Bharatpur (29-31 March. 2010). Our grateful thanks to Mr. Suresh Neotia and Ms. Meera Sawhney our Trustees, who sponsored our travel as well as food and arranged our comfortable stay. Thanks to Laxmi Vilas Palace, Bharatpur for accommodating us. And special thank to Ms. Archana Bhatia, our Volunteer HR Consultant for developing and conducting the team building sessions.
A team (of employees) with their bridge

Apart from review and plan presentations, we also saw a number of interesting team activities, one of which was ‘Building the Bridge’ out of mere newspapers, which brought to the fore, team working and team building aspects.

At the end, everyone was seen gearing up for the year ahead, with well charted out plan in hand and in sync with each other

Strengthening the Team…

Meet our new staff members, Avik Swarnakar, Director, Advocacy and Volunteer Management, Ravinder Kaur Walia, Manager, Fund Mobilization and Sabu C. Jacob, Jr. Accountant, at the head office.

Our heartiest welcome to all!

Dasra- Social Impact

We take pride in saying, Udayan Care was part of the nine months capacity building programme, organized by Dasra on organizational growth, strategic planning and scaling up along with sustainability. Clearly, a required knowledge while we look forward to moving a step ahead.

Sex & the City 2

It’s time for the ladies night out in Australia! Udayan Care, Australia is holding the Opening night screening of “Sex & the City 2”! This fundraiser takes place on the 2nd of June, 2010 at the Randwick Ritz, Randwick, Australia, from 7:00 pm onwards. And what more can you ask for, there are raffles, lucky dips and prizes for the Best Shoes and Best Dressed Mr. Big as part of the evening festivities. For more information and to book ticket, log on to our website or contact Ash at .

In Memoriam

Mr. Saxena gifting school bag to our boy

In the loving memory of her son Ms. Anupama Saxena donated school bags for our children at the homes. And turning her grief into joy, she has also joined us as mentor mother at our Ghaziabad home




Welcome in our Midst

We have Ms. Anita Singh who joined us as Administrator at the Greater NOIDA Home. Also joined us as mentor mother at our Sant Nagar home is Uma Vasudevan who has been a regular volunteer with us for a very long time. We welcome you both

Little Birds in our Nest

At the Homes, we are proud to introduce to you, our children, Mathura and Pooja, who have just joined our family at the NOIDA Home for girls, Ruchika and Alisha Udayan at our Jaipur Home and Vanshita at our Sant Nagar Home.

Make My Trip- Mumbai Trip

Children, mentor and social worker at the Mumbai Dockyard

The children from Mehrauli Home enjoyed a sponsored trip to Mumbai. This recreational trip was a reward by Make My Trip (MMT) to our children for doing extraordinarily well in their presentations assigned to them by the company. Each child was given one country and they were asked to make presentations after much research and help from their mentors i.e., the MMT employees- on the history, geography, culture etc. of the countries. First and second prizes were given to children who did the best. However, when the children performed well and far more than their expectation, Make My Trip decided to take all 11 children on a Mumbai tour.

“A big Thank you and a big hug to all the MMT (Make My Trip) people to make it possible for us, to experience Mumbai in a comfortable way.  We enjoyed the flights totally and such an eye opener, the trip was.” - Pooja Udayan, Simmi Udayan, Gurmeet Udayan, Rita Udayan, Salma Udayan and Manisha Udayan

To the Dance Floor

Ballet for our children

The past two months seems like the recreation time for children across the Homes. Our Greater NOIDA home children were taught ballet dance by two of our international volunteers Ms. Rannvá Kass Abrahamsen and Ms. Bjørg Eyjólfsdóttur Ellendersen, which they enjoyed thoroughly that finally culminated into a wonderful performance.


Children with volunteer at the Life Skills Workshop

We Initiate- Family Life Education for our Children

Our interns from NIPCCD, Roma and Debjani conducted a Life Skills workshop for the children at Mehrauli Home. The session, entitled ‘Body Mapping’ was to make the children aware of their body parts, its significance and also to teach them how private they are to them. The sessions included some interesting activities too where the children were also asked to draw their own self on chart papers, making the session fun- filled while also addressing serious issues.


All the way from Jaipur

Children at their study at the Jaipur Home

Our Jaipur home, at present is a small family of six children. Nonetheless, the home is always full of activities, fun and frolic. The children learnt dance, crafts and paper mashie art while their vacations continued.  




Welcome to our Family

We have Sameer Pathak, Mr. R. Sundar and Sajan Mathew who joined us as the core committee member of the USF Delhi chapter Also. Mrs. Sadhana Mohan, Mr. Ravi Mohan, Mrs. Indu Singh, Mr. V.K.Chauhan, Mrs. Sunita Rawat and Mr. G.S.Rawat as mentors for our Udayan Shalini Fellows at the Dehradun Chapter. Ms. Kamana Mishra as mentor, again of the Delhi chapter. Welcome to you all.

Wall-to-Wall in Kolkata

The Kolkata chapter was chock-a-block with activities in the past two months. On 8 March, 2010, the Kolkata Chapter celebrated International Women’s Day at Weaver’s Studio through “Teen Kanya”. The event was a cultural evening that depicted ‘Wo-manpower’. Three renowned women, Dr. Sunita Banerjee, Smt. Indrani Mukherjee and Smt. Joyeeta Sanyal put up their performance in this evening- which comprised of talks, vocal recital and performance of sitar.

Fellows from our Kolkata Chapter, not once but twice, had a tryst with Arts and Culture, taking in, the various shades and hues of life. Weavers’ Studio once again invited our Fellows to “Southern Fire” and “From Paint to Paint”,, an exhibition of ceramic artwork by Auroville Potters and exhibition of paintings made by people suffering from leprosy from the Bindu Art School in Kolkata.

Environmentally Conscious Shalinis at Aurangabad

For the Fellows at Aurangabad, this year is a year of Environmental Awareness. With the help of Mrs. Kale, an Environmentalist, our Fellows learnt the art of making paper bags. And now, they are on a mission of turning Aurangabad into a plastic bag-free city. As the very first step, our Fellows approached Bajaj Hospitals with the request of making paper bags for their medical shop. Mr. Dubey, CEO of Bajaj Hospitals welcomed the initiative with so much encouragement. Our Fellows are on a task of making 2000 paper bags for this year!

Go fellows, go green!

Induction at Aurangabad


The Aurangabad chapter saw the induction of 40 new fellows- 40 more pillars of the nation. With every induction, we are all the more assured of the strength and capabilities every girl child carries with themselves. Good luck to all our new members!


Workshops continue…

Quarterly workshop at the Delhi Chapter

The quarterly workshops and the small group workshops continue at the Delhi, Dehradun and Kurukshetra chapters. The Delhi chapter conducted its quarterly workshop on various issues related to the smooth two-way traffic of the Fellowship programme while the small group workshops were based on themes like ‘public speaking’ and ‘self-esteem’. In Dehradun, the workshop was on ‘career counseling’ and ‘guidance’. Kurukshetra calls the workshop ‘motivational’ for the young girls.

Quarterly workshop at Kurukshetra

In Kolkata, a seminar cum workshop was conducted on various career prospects available in the city and also in the public as well as private sector undertakings with renowned guest speakers from various sectors.

Our heartfelt thanks for showing the guiding light to our fellows!


The journey… from Fellows to Reaching for the Sky…

Shristi Sharma

Srishti Sharma from Delhi Chapter, is one of the 25 Microsoft Student Partners selected, out of a total of 700 applicants from all over the country, to take part in the Tech Ed 2010 (12-14 April, 2010) in Bangalore; along with an all expense paid trip by Microsoft. All the best Shristi!

Madhurima Nath

Two years ago, Madhurima Nath joined Bandra University, Mumbai as a student of Journalism as an Udayan Shalini Fellow. Today, she acts for one of the best telefilm production houses. She took up acting in one of the serials in Balaji Telefilms where she does the job as her part time activity. Now as she can support herself through her salary, she wants her fellowship to be transferred to another one in need. Thus she walks ahead in life, setting an example for other fellows who may tread her path and follow her in living the true meaning of ‘Shalini’.



The Outreach programme had its workshop on the ‘Importance of Gathering Information‘where a total of 86 (children and parents) participated. They were given insights about the advantages of keeping oneself updated about every sphere of life. The children as well as parents were encouraged to read newspapers and watch television whenever possible. They were then given project assignments which they were to submit at the next month workshop.

A Glimpse- of Strength and Determination

Manisha, our pride

Manisha and her infected parents joined Udayan Outreach Programme in 2005; shy as ever and a mediocre student. Few would believe that she has turned into a bright, young student with academic excellence. Last year, in 2009, she cleared the NAT (Needs, Ambition, Talent) Test of the Udayan Shalini Fellowship. She says, “I dream of being financially secure so that I can support my family and make them proud. And I hope one day I too am able to support atleast one child in Outreach.”



In two months, on the IT & VT Programme front, there have been 250 enrollments and 65 certifications. While the figure depicts a rigorous course map and a lot more serious work, the centres also swayed to have a cricket match and also a community mobilization to get the people more and more involved.

T20 at Udayan Care IT & VT

Narsinghpur Cricket Championship

Cricket being the most popular game in India, there could have been no other medium to mobilize the local population and make them aware about the importance of learning computer. With this idea in mind a cricket match, the ‘Udayan Care IT Centre, Narsinghpur Cricket Championship’ was organized to mobilize the community and get them interested in IT Center, in Narsinghpur (Gurgaon) in the month of April.

Community Mobilization

Community mobilization at Vinod Nagar

The Vinod Nagar Computer staffs and students undertook a survey in Kalyanpuri, Khichdipur and West Vinod Nagar areas. This mobilization programme is one of the regular features of the IT & VT centers wherein the community in and around the centers are sensitized about the centers, importance of learning computers and also the courses offered.



Global Open Challenge

An open challenge time, once again for Udayan Care! Udayan Care was one of the innumerable non-profits who registered for the Global Open Challenge. By the end of the challenge, our Outreach Programme raised $5184 from 55 unique donors! Thanks to all our donors and supporters. Also, during the Challenge, we had stated that we have a title “Campaign Captain” for the donor who brings in five other donors or more through their personal links. Thus, our Campaign Captain is Neeru Gupta who helped us raise $50 through her contacts which included five donors from her family. Thank you so much Ms. Gupta.

Fingerprint of Love

Fingerprints in various hues

Here, we have Stella Finance once again, mind you, not donating to us but raising funds for us through a very very interesting project. This project is the ‘Fingerprint of Love’, wherein, Babs Rubach sent us a very nice booklet, which was the track game. The children were to identify the footmarks of the animal to which it belongs and at the end of the game, each child was to put down their fingerprint on the booklet with their name. Alejandro collected the fingerprints which were then to be attached to each of the yoga mats, while each mats will bear the names of the children. The proceeds will come to Udayan Care.

The moral- ‘There is no end to creativity and no end to ways of helping the less privileged’.

Hunger Banquet 2010

Udayan Care was one of the non-profits who took part in the Hunger Banquet through application for grants. Hunger Banquet is a dinner, a fundraiser and an awareness generation event hosted by Students for International Development (SID), a student organization at Brigham Young University (BYU). At this event, Udayan Care was one of the non-profits selected for grants by the Students body. Thanks to SID for believing in our efforts!

Welcome, our New Partners…

We welcome our new donors and partners in bringing about change- Minerva Financial Services Limited, Puneet Malhi Trust, Maria Gonzales Charitable Trust, Rajshila Synthetics, Green Ply Pvt. Ltd. and Jain Enterprises. We also welcome all our individual donors who have joined us in the last two months, thus taking a step ahead, the cause that we work for.



A Big Friend for a Little One…

The first of its kind volunteering programme here, the Big Friend Volunteer Programme touched the Indian base on 24 March, 2010! Udayan Care is proud to be introducing this programme.

Our Staffs, Mr. Yeh and Big Friends at the training

Mr. Randy Yeh of New Path Foundation guided the Udayan Care employees and the volunteers. The workshop started with a presentation, ‘Journey towards Love’ and then followed the sessions on ‘being mindful’, ‘building the trust’ and ’living in the present time’. All this was wound around the roles and goals of a big friend, i.e., being a trustworthy friend, a caring listener and an equal friend. A lot more such trainings are to follow as we proceed and move ahead in the programme.


If you wish to become a Big Friend and want to learn more about the Programme, log on to

Our Dedicated lot!

Hubertus took our NOIDA boys for an outing at India Gate

We welcome our very new volunteers who have joined us in the past two months.  Lise Sorensen Kirkegaard and Randi Teofelius Jensen from Denmark, Kathrin Koll, Vera Louise Wülker and Hubertus Wollf from Germany, Cassandra Jane Richards and Kelly Frichot from Australia, Uthmaan Manan from Holland, Rannvá Kass Abrahamsen and Bjørg Eyjólfsdóttur Ellendersen from Faroe Islands and Atte Oksanen from Finland. All of them have helped us in varied many ways; while some helped us in the Head Office with database and presentations, some were busy teaching arts, crafts, sports, dance, music and also tutoring the children. We express our gratitude in their willingness in helping us.

At the homes, to tutor the children, we also have some very dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers who are tutoring our children on various subjects ranging from mathematics to social science to languages.

And it is not just volunteers we want to welcome; we also have a good number of interns who have joined. Deepti Negi, Namrata Chandwani, Heena, Sulaxmi, Ashwani from SOIL Management institute, Debjani Layek and Roma Gill from NIPCIDD, Aman Puri and Jai Singh from S.P. Jain Institute of Management and Research, Anamika Goswami from XISS and Parisha Bajpai, Gunjan Jhajharia, Ravi Mishra and Pushpendra from IILM and Pinki Chaudhary from IIMT. All interns are working on various projects and assignments allotted to them by Udayan Care. All the very best on your projects!

At the end, we would like to thank all our visitors who visited Udayan Care across all the homes and the Head Office. Your support is a huge source of strength for us.


 Our Efforts, Your Support :

All the efforts that we are making and more, has been possible only because of your support and participation. Do continue helping us. Your one little step towards us can help the underprivileged lead a life of dignity and give them their due rights. You can give family to an orphan, education to a disadvantaged girl, health to an HIV affected child and livelihood to an underserved youth.

Click here to download the donation form.

 Looking Ahead :

Please look forward to news on

    • The upcoming Summer Camp for the children at the Ghar Programme in the first week of June

    • Residential Camp for Udayan Shalini Fellows, also in the month of June

    • 1st Inter Chapters Meet of the Udayan Shalini Fellowship Programme

in our next issue of the newsletter.

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