Vol. 3, No. 2
Highlights of March–April, 2009


After almost a year of struggle, we finally received license to run our 8th Home at Pratap Nagar, New Delhi. This is the 4th home that we have opened for boys. As soon as we received the license the CWC also sent us children to be looked after at the home. Thank you judges!

Dip Dip Dip!

As we endeavor to make our children a part of the society we try to make them as socially interactive as possible. Children of our Sant Nagar Home celebrated Holi with CSC, their corporate mentors. They had a gala time playing with colours in the CSC lawns and were later treated to mouth watering snacks. Thank you CSC!

Other homes too enjoyed the festival in their own way.

As the Counselor at Sant Nagar Home, Ms. Shubhra Shahare prepared to leave for US; Ms. Sadaf Farooq joined us and took on the responsibilities at the Home. Ms. Shahare briefed her successor on her experiences at the home and on the emotional and mental status of each child. She shared the secrets of handling the emotional outbursts at the home and briefed her on tackling the various disciplinary issues. Thank you Home of Hope!

On Your Marks!

Our children from the Gurgaon Home received a great boost of confidence when they received an opportunity to participate in a Football match with FIFA. Three of our boys, Nazir, Mrityunjay and Prakash were also chosen to play the match with the famous international football players, Baichung Bhutia and Vikash Dhorasoo. Thank you Consortium for Street Children (UK) and Salaam Baalak Trust!

'Chaat'ting away!

Ram Chander Nath Foundation invited children of all Udayan Care Homes to a lavish ‘chaat’ party. Children sprinkled throughout the plush lawns and savored mouthfuls of pani puri, dahi bhalla, chhole bhature, jalebi, ice creams and more. Thank you Mr. Anubhav Nath for giving our children this much awaited break, away from the monotony of the final exams that just got over. Continued mentoring support and psychological inputs along with an enabling environment has once again proved to be a successful formula for our children. Children who had been inducted only last year were not only able to regain a hold on their life but also succeeded in getting admission in various good schools such as Kalka Public School, Tagore International School, Modern School, Four Steps School in Delhi, Rockwood School in Noida and Greenfield School in Kurukshetra. Thank you dear Principals!

Talking Business!

20 children of class 10 and above receiveda structured form of counseling on ‘the choice of career’, for the first time when Mr. Sameer Pathak, Director Business Development, T.V. Channel CNBC Awaaz volunteered to conduct a session on the same. Thank you Mr. Pathak!


The Healers!

Physical well-being plays a major role in the establishment of positive mental health in a person. Keeping this in view, we organized a workshop on First Aid with our caregivers. Dr. Vijayata Sethi, a gynecologist volunteered to help our caregivers deal with certain emergencies such as black eye, minor burns, electrical injuries, insect bites, bleeding, fracture, sprain, toothache, ear ache and more in a more informed manner. Thank You Doctor!

British Charms!

Ms. Wendy Butler, wife of the Deputy High Commissioner, Britain very kindly invited our children from Sant Nagar Home to spend an evening with her at her residence. This was a gesture that received a lot of appreciation from the children as they were exposed to an entirely different style of living. A close interaction with the British delegates led to an exchange of cultural values and information, which helped the children in broadening their horizon. Thank you madam!

12 Indian volunteers joined Udayan Care for activities such as teaching kids, data entry, arranging & updating children’s files. 2 of them were sent to us by I-Volunteer. Benedikt Lorenzet and Katharina Durr from Germany continue to stay with our children at Gurgaon and Greater Noida Homes and provide our children with some very interesting learning experience. At the same time, 6 volunteers from USA, UK, Switzerland, Australia and Canada also joined hands with us. Our Children’s Home at Greater Noida received 35 visitors from USA who interacted and spent some quality time with the children there. Thank you volunteers!

Our special acknowledgement goes to VIA e. V., Germany and Volunteering Solutions, India who have been providing such hardworking and dedicated international volunteers to us. Thank you all!

Seven interns from IIFT, Kolkata, divided into 3 groups taught Business studies and Accounts to children at Sant Nagar and undertook the following research studies: “Complete Evaluation System of Udayan Outreach Programme”, “USP of Udayan Care”.

Interns from NIPCCD continued their internship at Sant Nagar and Mayur Vihar Homes. Students from Bluebells International School, New Delhi are currently helping us in Database Management and also helping us in the office. Thank you students for giving us this honor!

Thank you Adidas, Xansa, CSC and AbsolutData Research & Analytics for continuing to mentor our children from Sant Nagar, Mayur Vihar and Greater Noida Homes.

Muse Amuse!

Our Monthly Mentors’ Workshops often make us ponder over issues such as how do the children perceive a Mother and a Mentor Mother and should children from such deprived backgrounds be sent to high profile schools. This April, we reflected upon the kind of psychological impact the mentor mothers/ fathers are having on the Udayan Muse Amuse children. Discussions were held on the deep influence of high profile schools on the psyche of our children.
Our alumni, who have passed out of these schools and are now leading an independent life are the ones who often settle down our apprehensions. Thank you alumni!

For sponsoring orphaned and abandoned children, contact us at




The Delhi Chapter!

USF starts rejuvenating its alumni cell, thereby encouraging the alumnus to remain in touch with the program and at the same time inspiring them to become a mentor to the newly inducted Fellows.

Rita Nam Dev, a visually impaired Udayan Shalini Fellow helped raise funds for a girl from her locality who required surgery on her eyes. Rita collected funds from her friends, relatives and neighbors and invested her own money as well, in order to get the surgery done on the girl’s eyes. We are proud of you Rita!

What an inspiration!

Positive attitude, effective team management and impressive communication were the three tools that Ms. Vaidehi Krishnan shared with a group of more than 350 Fellows during their Quarterly workshop held at Mahavir Senior Model School, New Delhi. The presence of Core Committee members and Mentors, Mr. K P Raizada, Mr. P C Jain, Mr. D A Mishra, Mr. S. Naqvi, Ms. Seema Agarwal, Ms. Sudarshan Khare and Mr. Vikram Dutt was an absolute source of inspiration for the Fellows.

An Australian volunteer, Ms. Donna Oliver continues to put her efforts into developing case studies of our Fellows. The way she has been consistently making efforts is truly remarkable. Thank You Donna!

Aurangabad Chapter formally inaugurated!

Oath bound!

Hopes flew high as 13 Fellows were inducted for the first time at our Aurangabad Chapter in the month of March. Mr. Madhur Bajaj, Vice Chairman, Bajaj Autos Limited graced the Induction Ceremony as a Chief Guest. Ms. Monika Das, the convenor, welcomed people while Ms. Mamta Bagla gave the vote of thanks. Dr. Kiran Modi, our managing Trustee and Mr. Vikram Dutt, USF Consultant, too were present on the occasion and gave their blessings to the girls.

The USF Aurangabad team comprising of the 7 dedicated ladies have chosen to turnaround the life of our Fellows at the Aurangabad chapter by giving them constant academic inputs plus mental strength. The change brought in by their efforts is already evident.

News from Dehradun Chapter!

Receiving Fellowship!

With an aim to enhance the personality of Kusuma Udayan Shalini Fellows and ensure their holistic growth, yet another Quarterly workshop was held in the month of March at the MKP College for women, Dehradun. This was the fourth in the series. Mr. Saurabh Badoni, the resource person for the workshop succeeded in changing the perception of 172 Fellows by sharing with them some real life stories and by making some very enriching Receiving Fellowship presentations before them. He sensitized the Fellows towards the plight of people deprived of even the basic amenities of life and compared their living conditions with that of the people who possess everything in life but still remain unhappy.

Developments at the West Bengal Chapter!

The Axis Bank agreed to consider the eligible graduate Fellows at our West Bengal Chapter for executive posts in their Bank.

Girls received academic support in the form of English language classes that were organised at YMCA, Kolkata.

The Studio for Culture and Art agreed to train our 30 Fellows in soft skills, within a period of three months.

Thank you all!

For sponsoring the education of college going girls from disadvantaged communities, contact us at


Emotionally Yours!

Parents of our 65 beneficiaries received an opportunity to share their personal experiences after being infected with the HIV/ AIDS virus. They revealed the insensitivity of the society towards them and their families and the price they had to pay to lead a dignified life. Children on the other hand, received an opportunity to express their emotions through art, in the workshop held simultaneously for them.

Fully Enthused!

In April, parents discussed the various difficulties they face in educating their children. Most of their problems were related to admission, tuition and guidance at home. Children too were sensitized on the importance of education in their life.

Resultant Impact!

Jatin Chawla, a 13 years old semi orphan child secured 1st position in class 7 with 79 % marks and won two awards in sports activities. He dreams of becoming a Chartered Accountant.

Samuel, a 11 years old semi orphan child scored 82% marks in class 7. He dreams of becoming an engineer and is good in sports as well.

Poonam, a 13 year old girl scored 95% marks and attained 3rd position in her class. She wants to become a teacher.

Chanchal, a 11 year old girl scored 88% marks in class 5th and secured 5th position in school. Chanchal loves drawing and painting and wishes to make career in the same.

For sponsoring the education/ nutrition of children affected with HIV/ AIDS, contact us at



Mass Mobilization!

Udayan Care recognized the World TB Day by airing a program on the radio in the month of March. Dr. Bobby Bhalothra was invited to give medical advice to the listeners on the issue. Two of our girls from Udayan Ghar Program too participated in the event and presented a play generating awareness on Tuberculosis. Thank you OWSA (One World South Asia) for sponsoring the program!

Skilled fingers!

A creative workshop organised at our Vinod Nagar Center in March, generated deep interested in the community as students and the faculty created magic with fabric and d the faculty created magic with fabric and metallic colours on fabric, earthen flower pots and other show pieces such as earthen bullock cart, elephants and horses. Beautiful handkerchiefs painted in different hues were put on display along with lovely ceramic roses. The display attracted people in huge numbers which also led to a raised curiosity in the Computer training being provided at the center. Hence, the aim to mobilize the community was fulfilled.

Lost in the literature!

The Community Mobilization at East Vinod Nagar triggered a lot of interest in the students of Sarvodaya Bal Vidyalaya. They were extremely inquisitive about the various courses being offered at our Computer center. As a result, 10-15 enrollments took place immediately. 8 students from the center conducted a door-to-door campaign in the community which resulted in a lot of queries and interest amongst the people.

Approaching one and all!

Another Marketing and Social Awareness Program organized by our Badarpur Computer Center involved a detailed interaction with the school children and their parents, shopkeepers and housewives. Under the supervision of Mr. Hari Shankar, the Instructor, a team consisting of seven students visited the slum areas skirting the Railway Colony at Prehladpur.


  • 43 new students enrolled at Vinod Nagar, 6 more certified
  • 51 new students enrolled at Badarpur, 10 more certified
  • 37 new students enrolled at Gurgaon, 16 more certified
  • 31 new students enrolled at Dharuhera, 18 more certified
  • 20 new students enrolled at Greater Noida, 9 more certified

Total 182 enrollments, 59 certified

  • Delhi Networks invited Udayan Care to put up a stall at Hyatt Regency. Thank you Delhi Networks for giving us an exposure with the Diplomatic community.

  • Rs. 11000/- raised from a stall put up at Amex, Gurgaon for buying stationery for our children living at Gurgaon Home. Thank you Amex for contributing money to us and for buying our products to help raise funds for our kids.

  • Thank you donors and sponsors for investing your hard earned money in our cause.



Summer Campers!

  • Children from 9 Udayan Homes, along with their caregivers will gather at the Greater Noida Home and spend the last week of May having loads of fun. Till now, India Japan Initiative, Ashkit, Plan India, Goonj plus a number of skilled individuals have volunteered to conduct some extremely enriching sessions with our children and make this event a memorable one for all of us.

  • 35 fellows from Udayan Shalini Fellowship Program will participate in their own Summer Camp at the same venue, in the mid of June.

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