Vol. 3, No. 1
  Highlights of January– February, 2009  

Wishing you a Joyful BLAST this HOLI!

The 16th Breakthrough

With a vision to 'Regenerate the rhythm of life of the disadvantaged', Udayan Care has moved on to its 16th year, working for the quality care of disadvantaged children and women.

Celebrating a HatTrick!
hese were the words of one of our guests present at our 3rd Adi Dassler Udayan Care Sports Event that was held on the 11th of January, 2009

These were the words of one of our guests present at our 3rd Adi Dassler Udayan Care Sports Event that was held on the 11th of January, 2009.

We also had the proud privilege of welcoming Mr.Kapil Dev, the famous Indian Cricketer as well as Mr. Andreas Gellner, Managing Director, Adidas.

Link to our children exchanging dialogue with Mr. Kapil Dev is available on Udayan Care
Link to our children exchanging dialogue with Mr. Kapil Dev is available on Udayan Care
Beautiful Yoga performances, rhythmic dance and sudden appearance of a Joker from amongst the seated guests gave Sports Day a new perspective. Besides these, the Garland Race, Dressing Up while Dressing Down, Sand Race and Wheelbarrow Races were a few races that generated much cheer from the audience.
Mera Naam Joker

Mera Naam Joker

We shall remain thankful to The Banyan Tree School for giving us their grounds for the event, Adidas for sponsoring sports gear and prizes for our children and Ms. Anita Jaipuria for sponsoring cold drinks for our guests and participants.

 In Action!
In Action!

A Positive Attempt!
The Udayan Care conceptualized Seminar on Positive Mental Health and Well Being of Children in Institutional Care (under the J.J. Act) finally took shape as the QIC&AC (Quality Institutional Care and Alternative Care) Group and the NCPCR (National Commission of Protection of Child Rights) collaborated in a joint effort to emphasize the necessity of positive Mental Health Program for children living in institutions.

Brains Meet
Brains Meet

The Chairperson of the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights, Ramon Magsaysay Award Winne Prof. Dr. Shantha Sinha inaugurated the Workshop. Member Mrs. Sandhya Bajaj and Delhi Government Director Mr. Rajeev kale were Guests of Honour. Mental health professionals, social activists, representatives from various Delhi based GOs and NGOs and students of Social Work from in and out of Delhi attended the Seminar held on 6th & 7th of February.

The audience marked its presence by vociferously applauding an Ambedkar College Social Work students group that highlighted through their performance, the despondent situation of the caregivers who take care of children living in institutions. The skit made it evident that the caregivers’ need for appreciation, approval and encouragement played a major role in the development and maintenance of positive mental attitude in children. Most importantly, the Delhi Declaration on Child Protection Policy was passed and presented to Mr. Amod Kanth, Chairperson Delhi Commission for Protection of Child Rights, the Chief Guest at the Valedictory.


Children from our Sant Nagar and Greater Noida Homes were a part of the celebration to mark the 7th Anniversary of the Habitat Learning Center. The children gave a beautiful Yoga performance at IHC and also participated in a Painting Competition organized there.

Standing Tall!
Two more children at our Greater Noida Home have succeeded in securing jobs for themselves. One has joined a Play School while the other has joined the Sales division at one of the garment outlets in Jagat Farms, Greater Noida.

The Home of Hope has been supporting our Mental Health professionals since past 8 years. Thus, under our Mental Health Program, Dr. Deepak Gupta, our Child Psychiatrist continued his visits to our Homes for smoothening down the prevailing examination anxiety. In the month of January, he was able to visit Sant Nagar, Mayur Vihar, Greater Noida and Pratap Nagar Homes while in February, he visited both our Homes at Noida and at Gurgaon. Our Counselors at Home too geared up for dealing with the jittery children. .

Carers and people looking after our children, day and night received an opportunity to participate in a Capacity Building workshop on Child Rights that was conducted by Pratidhi, an NGO working on children’s rights.

The Attachment continues……!
Excerpts from the letter sent by Arthur and Joyce Daniels, from U.S.A. who gave some beautiful and memorable moments to our children during their stay with us in 2006-2007.

Excerpts from the letter sent by Arthur and Joyce Daniels, from U.S.A. who gave some beautiful and memorable moments to our children during their stay with us in 2006-2007.

Just like the previous year, this year too, friends and family of Ms. Minoo Gupta donated a handsome amount to Udayan Care as they celebrated the 1st Lohri of their grand daughter Raahat at the Country Club.

Adidas, CSC, Xansa, Absolute Data and Research & Analytics, our Corporate Mentors continued to lead the path to a bright future for our children.

Besides other regular volunteers, the Teach India Volunteers too continued to empower our children with renewed gusto as the children returned to their studies with an increased enthusiasm to conquer over their final exams. Nervous excitement of the children is slowly getting on to us too as they labor and we pray for their best results.

17 volunteers are helping us in activities such as teaching kids, data entry, arranging children’s files, preparing case studies for USF program.

Volunteers from Germany continue to give their services at our Gurgaon and Greater Noida Homes. Volunteering Solutions also continued to send us committed foreign volunteers from UK, Luxemburg, France, Norway, Finland and Canada.

The Turn of the Interns!
6 students from the Institute of Technology and Science, Ghaziabad, helped us in developing Systems and Processes for USF Placement Cell and Alumni Network while 5 from ITM, Navi Mumbai, worked on ‘Effective Resource Generation in NGOs’.

12 from IIFT, New Delhi worked on four different projects viz.; Plan to Collect Funds from International Organizations, Checking the feasibility of implementing a system for keeping track of fund-raising products and proposing a better system for stock keeping, Online Donation Acceptance & Fundraising Schemes worked out with test piloting, Use of Social Networking Sites to raise funds and public awareness; Register Udayan Care at different accreditation. Mr. Prabir Sengupta, Former Secretary, Ministry Commerce and Industry, Government of India and Former Director, IIFT, New Delhi graced the occasion on one of the presentations of IIFT interns, 08-09 batch.

4 students from NIPCCD continue their internship with us.
For sponsoring orphaned and abandoned children, contact us at


Academic performance enhancement and Personality Development continued to be the twin beacons that sustained and steered the work of the Fellowship programme in these two months. It also witnessed new programme enhancements, to set the tone in the first month for the year to follow. The Kolkata chapter acquired a spanking new office. This is through the kind munificence of our Chief Advisor of Kolkata Chapter, Mr. Ram Kishore Chaudhuri.

The New Year started with mixed feelings: translated into tears, of both joy and sorrow. The First ever Residential Camp at Dehra Dun under the Kusuma USF concluded after six days on New Year’s Day. The Fellows cried unashamedly at the happiness of new friendships made and sorrow of parting after so many hours of thinking, breathing, living and growing together!

Career Speak
Career Speak

The Delhi Chapter….!
At Delhi, the chapter rang in the New Year with the Quarterly Workshop being conducted by Core Committee member Mr. Ashish Aggarwal. The subject was ‘Career Planning.’ He forced the Fellows into original thinking. The most original? “Our careers have already started even though we are still studying. We are getting money – being paid – for being good students with a view on life to reach out and make a difference. So being conscientious is a career!”

The Core Committee
 The Core Committee
The 17th January witnessed a fresh look at ourselves. Most importantly, it was the day when our Fellows crossed the threshold of being students to managers. Two of them, Smita Verma and Kanika Gupta were inducted as full fledged members of the USF Core Committee, elevated from their current standing as Mentor Didis.

In a well attended meeting that had the presence of over 20 people, many issues were discussed. The important decisions were that an Alumni Association should be formed. Prof. B.S. Kapoor volunteered to take on the responsibility. Similarly, it was felt that a dedicated USF Newsletter should be started. Mentors Sudha Mehta and Ashish Aggarwal volunteered to take on the responsibility assisted by Fellow Darshana Joshi.

Vision Walk
 Vision Walk
At Dehradun …!
Dehradun has graduated from being a sleepy town of retires to a bustling one as the capital city of the newly formed state of Uttarakhand. To such hustle and bustle of the streets on Sunday, 22nd February, was added the presence of 85 Kusuma USF and senior mentors and staff as they first walked the Delhi Road to reach New Patel Nagar. The occasion? The Social Awareness Campaign against Female Foeticide. Our Kusuma Fellows, smartly dressed in white T Shirts with the Kusuma and Udayan Care logos and similar caps, went door to door, spoke to the residents while focusing on the ladies, and educated them about both the ills of female foeticide and the pleasures of having girl children. It was a successful campaign.

“I have never felt so valuable and being able to contribute towards society,” said Fellow Garima Aggarwal. Similar sentiments were echoed by others.

Earlier in January, the much feted motivational speaker and management trainer Sameer Pathak, Business Development Manager of CNBC 18 (the news channel on TV) held 195 of our Fellows spellbound as he spoke to them of what it takes to ‘THINK’ - the title of his workshop.

Kusuma officers, Shri Ram Babu Khambampati and Mr. Sriram joined the Fellows and shared intimate moments of exchange of inner feelings and thoughts with the Fellows. Cheques were distributed to the Fellows, the second instalment.

The highlight of the day was the Power Point presentation made by those Fellows who had attended the Residential Camp.

Cemented Bonds!
As a result of the efforts made to strengthen our relationship with one of the most coveted educational institutions at Dehradun, the MKP P.G.College agreed to partner with us. Thus, this quarter, as reported, Mr. Sameer Pathak, our much committed volunteer conducted the workshop in the premises of the above-mentioned college.

Chapter Kurukshetra …!
Kurukshetra is historically famous for the Mahabharata, where the epic battle between Right and Wrong and Good and Evil was fought according to Indian mythology. Today, the city has graduated into being a University town and similar battles are constantly being fought between ignorance and knowledge. Our USF Chapter contributes it own essential bit to the success of this battle.

What a Motivation
 What a Motivation
On Thursday, 18th February, a Quarterly workshop was held on ‘Career Guidance.’ The distinguished scientist, Professor O.P. Bajpai, Director University Institute of Engineering and Technology was the Chief Guest. He made an excellent motivational presentation. The Vice Chancellor’s wife, Mrs. Usha Bajpai gave away the cheques. Dr. Kiran Modi welcomed Mr. Gaurav Goel who has recently joined our Kurukshetra chapter and made his presence felt by announcing a Fellowship sponsored by himself.

The brave have no rest… it well repeated in literature and history. And what can be braver than combating the despair that lack of money brings about; stopping bright young girls from fulfilling their academic aspirations? Our USF is moving from city to city and on Sunday, 8th March, the torch will be lit with the First Oath taking and Induction Ceremony to be held in our fifth Chapter, Aurangabad. More in the next issue of our Newsletter.

For sponsoring the education of college going girls from disadvantaged communities, contact us at

Talking Hope
Talking Hope
Attending the Affected!
Udayan Care made its presence felt in a 3 day national level training program on ‘Care & Protection of children affected/ infected by HIV/AIDS’ wherein we received an opportunity to bring forth the pain of children affected with HIV/AIDS. Ours, being a unique endeavor received much praise for rendering qualitative attention to one of the most neglected sections of society; the children of the HIV infected.

Qualitative Interactions!
Parents of 65 beneficiaries shared their experiences as they gathered together to receive financial aid for their children’s education and nutrition in the month of January. In February, the group pondered over the methods to make HIV/AIDS Awareness Programs more effective

Mera Number Kab Ayega
Mera Number Kab Ayega

Children on the other hand indulged in some issue based sketching in January. February taught them the usefulness of Books and how books could become their Best Friends for life.

A Brief Stop Over!
Regular visits to the homes of our beneficiaries give us an opportunity to develop a meaningful relationship with them. It also helps us assess the impact of our program on the beneficiaries and measure the usefulness of the grant being given to them. Moreover, receiving guests from the normal stratum makes the families feel a part of the society.

For sponsoring the education/ nutrition of children affected with HIV/ AIDS, contact us at

Bright Prospects!
The RKMF-Udayan Care Compueter Training Learning Center at Dharuhera distributed Microsoft Certificates to 47 of our trainees on successful completion of their course. Ms. Sanyam Maratha, Manager CSR RKMF graced the occasion and addressed them with a motivating speech. She also mentioned of a very strong possibility that Hero Honda may absorb a few of our good trainees.

OWSA (One World South Asia) once again partnered with us to air a program on the Mental Health Program in Udayan Care. Mrs. Mamta Sahai, Chairperson, Mayur Vihar Child Welfare Committee was invited to the show to share her experience of working with children and throw light on the importance of positive well-being of children.

One for Them Too
One for Them Too

Knock Knock!
A door to door campaign was launched at Narsinghpur Gurgaon. The pamphlets distributed, aimed at sensitizing the community on the importance of Computer education as well as the facilities being provided at the Udayan Care Training and Learning Center at Narsinghpur. The interest shown by the people there gives us reason to expect a rise in the number of students at our center soon.

 Wanna Buy?
Wanna Buy?

Jewellery Box, Photo Frame, Magazine Holder, Waste Paper Baskets made of cotton paper were a few newly launched products that were put on sale this time. Our stalls put up at Absolute Data and JLLM generated good sale.

We were also invited by Akshay Pratishthan to put up a stall at the Craft Bazaar being organized at the British High Commission.

Individual buyers too helped us in raising funds for the organization.

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Chapter 5 at Aurangabad!
The much awaited Chapter of Udayan Shalini Fellowship Program is taking a formal shape at Aurangabad, on 8th March 2009 with the formal induction of new fellows.

Alumni Cell!
Under the skillful leadership of Mr. Vikram Dutt, the much awaited Alumni Cell of our Udayan Shalini Fellowship Program is being rejuvenated. A Committee comprising of Prof. B S Kapoor and a few fellows shall be meeting for the first time on 1st March 2009 in Delhi.

We look forward to some invigorated activities in future!

Books on Life Skills, for primary grades (Class I-V) have been published by Rachna Sagar, in collaboration with Udayan Care and are being used by various schools. Those interested in accessing these books may kindly contact Udayan Care or Rachna Sagar for the same.

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