15th April – 15th June

Udayan Care is a Public Charitable Trust, working for the last 13 years, for the quality care of disadvantaged children and women. The mission is to ‘Regenerate the rhythm of life of the disadvantaged’. Under Udayan Care’s Residential Programme for orphaned and abandoned children: Udayan Ghars (HOMES), 105 children are growing with love and protection in 6 Homes across Delhi and neighbouring states. Under Udayan Shalini Fellowships we have touched the lives of more than 448 girls through monetary and mentoring support. The West Bengal chapter has added another feather to our cap.


After a hectic schedule of exams and then celebrations, children settled down to the new academic session and new syllaby. Three boys from our Mayur Vihar Home found admission in the prestigious Sri Sri Ravishankar Vidya Mandir in the district Una, Himachal Pradesh. 4 girls in Greater NOIDA got admision in the DPS and the rest also found admissions in different schools. 4 girls cleared their Xth Boards. The summer holidays was full of fun and excitement for the children, where they participated in activities like career choices, mosaic painting, envelope making, household waste management and many more. Its not just in fun and games our children excel, they also proved that they are good in studies too…. Many of them got more than 80% in their annual exams.

Creativity Workshops by Sanskriti

Sanskriti Foundation organised wonderful workshops for our girls in Sant Nagar and Mehrauli from 11th to 17th May for pottery, papier mache, and origami at their very scenic Anand Gram at Mehrauli. The experience actually brought anand (joy) to our girls and they came back with a craetive experience that is going to enrich their lives.

Self Defence Workshop

27 girls from our 3 girls Homes, Sant Nagar, Mehrauli and Greater NOIDA attended a self defence residential camp in Village Manesar, organised by Sarvadeshic Arya Veerangna Dal and learnt martial art, yoga and self defence for about 8 days from 19th May -26th May. They also learnt paragliding, and rock climbing and came back fit, bubbling and excited to share their experiences with others.

Summer Camp

A summer Camp was organized for all our children in our Greater Noida home from 29th May to 1st June 2007. It was really an enjoyable occasion for all of them to come together and share intimacy. The camp commenced on a much excited note as about 105 children from all the 6 homes reached the Greater Noida home on the 28th May evening. They stayed together till 1st June in a continuous state of excitement and joy. During these four days, our children had games and fun, quiz, fancy dress, paper painting, pottery decoration and many more activites and workshopped on a number of issues. Ms. Alka Kumar, GM, GAIL was the chief Guest and the huge expenses were met with the donations from Rotary Club of Delhi Southend, and Unitech machines Ltd.

Meritorious children from across the Udayan Homes were awarded cash prizes,

launched as an annual feature, as “Mani Sharma Memorial Meritorious Students’ Awards” for academic excellence on the concluding day of the Camp; when children departed tearfully for their respective homes.

Children who recived the Mani Sharma Memorial Meritorious Students’ Awards

LKG Mukesh – 94% Akash 97% Class VI
Raj – 97% Class I Rekha 91% Deepak I – 81%
UKG Suraj – 86% Class IV Pooja – 80%
Arun - 88% Sanjay 96% Santhosh -94%  
Sonu – 93% Class III Jyoti – 80%  
Badal -95% Bittu – 80% Nazir – 80%  

Besides them, Prathibha, Rekha and Urmila Passed the Class 10 Board exams and Ruchi toppped in her class in the 11th exams in Informatics Practice.


An outing was organized by Disney group for our children on the 26th April 2007. The children, along with the enthusiastic Disney volunteers, visited Mahavira Kendra, South Campus of Delhi University and watched an animated movie for children. They also played different games and savoured icecreams, pop corn and sugar candies. The day conluded with a magic show, which all the children enjoyed to the fullest; at the end of day, they also received gift packs containing School bags, bedsheets, etc.

Colouring Children’s Lives

Earlier in the year, Disney got Nerolac to paint the rooms in Greater NOIDA Home with interesting Disney motifs. The rest of the sprucing up was done by none other than GAIL. The Home is looking so beautiful and the proud little angels take all the visitors around with such belongingness that it is absolutly touching.

Voicing Concern Against Child Labour

12th June being International Day against Child Labour, we were graced with the presence of the Chairman and a member of Child Welfare Committee (east zone), at our Mayur Vihar boys’ home. They enlightened our boys with knowledge regarding child rights, and also interracted with them. It was also a day of rejoicing for us, as one of our boys, after the completion of his course in Auto Mobile Mechanics, had his first salary on that day.

Corporate Mentoring Programme

As part of the Corporate mentoring programme, a team of volunteers from CSC (Computer Science Corporation) visited our Mayur Vihar home for boys on the 14th April 2007 with their international guests. The volunteers were delighted to be with our boys and promised to return again. As part of our Corporate Mentoring Programme, our boys from Mayur Vihar and our girls from Sant Nagar visit CSC corporate office every Tuesday and get mentored by the dedicated team of mentors there, in subjects as wide ranging as team spirit to preparing presentations. XANSA employees mentor our girls from Greater NOIDA. Plans are afoot to restart the Corporate Mentoring Programme for the Gurgaon boys with ADIDAS.


Homes that Shed light…… (Malayala Manorama, Delhi Edition).

Malayala Manorama one of the largest circulated News Daily in Vernacular language, on The 12th May 2007, extensively covered Udayan care and its activities. A half page of the of the Metro edition of the news paper was dedicated to the different activities of Udayan care. The newspaper also praised the organization for the distinctive humanitarian work it is doing. This news paper lauded the efforts of Udayan Care in the reunion of Akhil - a lost child, with his family.


Making The Two Indias Meet, At Least For A Couple Of Hours….. (Mint 7th may 2007)

Was the heading given to the article by the newspaper on the corporate Mentoring Programme of Udayan Care. The newspaper was full of praise for this innovative programme of Udayan Care, as this brings the Haves and Have-nots together. This programme not only benefits the children of our homes in learning about the future prospective in store for them, but it also gives an opportunity to the corporate world to learn more about the plights of these children, said the newspaper.

International Volunteering

A group of students from Yale University came to Greater NOIDA Home from

18th May 07 to 20th May 07 and had an exclusive experience of an Indian Children’s Home. They were delighted with their stay and their beautiful sojourn and creative experience is luring other student groups from far and wide.

Another group of volunteers, organised by FSL (Field Services and Inter cultural Learning) came on the 14th May 07 and worked with our boys in Mayur Vihar for more than 8 exhaustive days of creativity, workshops and interactions and went back with indelible love for our children in their hearts and promise to return soon on their lips.

International Volunteer wrote about us in school paper….

‘Malika Phanda made friends and - a difference- while volunteering in India’. Malika, a 15 year old girl from the States wrote after returning to her school from Udayan Care. She was so moved by the sisterly love of the children at our home that she vowed to return to be with them.

Capacity Building

We had two monthly Mentor Mothers’ workshops on 12th April and 17th May 07, conducted by Kachina Chawla and Dr. Deepak Gupta respectively on ‘Cognitive Behavior Therapy’ and ‘Career Challenges for children at Udayan Care’, and Caregivers’ workshops on topics, such as Time Management and Listening skills, Record keeping and JJ Act, Anger Management & Non-violence by Ms. Teji Anand, Mr. Vikram Dutt and Vikas Katoch on the 18th April, 24th May and 13th June 2007.

AFP organised a workshop on Volunteer Management in May 07 in Bangalore and Dr. Kiran Modi, our Managing Trustee, represented Udayan Care.


Udyan Shalini Fellowship Programme is aimed not only at providing monetary assistance to deserving and needy girls, but it also provides mentoring support to groom them and turn them to be true Shalinis (empowered women). We started this programme by supporting 72 girls in the year 2002. Till now we have touched the lives of 448 girls and 355 are benefiting from this programme today.

Quarterly Workshop

As we believe not just in the accademic performance of our Fellows, but in the holistic development of her personality, we regularly arrange workshops for them. This time our Fellows had the privilege of having three distinguished persons conduct the workshop for them. We organized the quarterly workshop for our Fellows on the 8th April 2007, at the auditorium of Mahavir Senior Model School. The resource persons were Dr. Val Dalton Dunn, country director of Latter Day Saints Charities, and his wife, Mrs. Laura Dunn. They conducted a beautiful session for our Fellows on the values of life and the importance of Goal setting.

The second half of the session was taken by the famous management consultant, Prof. Sumit Choudhuri, who enlightened our Fellows on the topic, ‘From Student Life to Work Life’.

Residential Camp

As with our home children, we conduct two residential camps a year for the Udayan Shalini Fellows also. One in June, for the School going girls, and one in October for the college going girls. We conduct these residential camps so that, our Fellows get an experience of the lives of orphaned children, and become socially more sensitive. The Camp also intends to give an experience to our home children, that, despite various odds in lives, these Fellows have given importance to education and have excelled in their accademics. This June also we conducted a 7 day residential Camp for our Fellows. 30 Fellows attended the Camp this time; almost double the number than the previous years.

The Camp began on the 5th June 2007, and ended on the 11th June 2007. The schedule of the programme was designed in such a way that the Fellows benefitted the most out of it. It ranged from the Morning Yoga and Meditation session to computer classes to English language classes to workshops, debates, quiz and theatre.


The main theme of this Residential Camp was to develop leadership qualities among the Fellows. For this purpose, the main aspects of leadership qualities were divided into the following category:

1. Being Positive 4. Planning ahead
2. Respect 5. Reflection and
3. Confidence 6. Conflict resolution.

During these seven days, not only the Fellows enjoyed maximum of their stay there, but they also developed a stong bond with each other as well with our children at the home. It was evident at the time of departure, many were asking to extend the camp, and many lost control of their emotions and wept uncontrollably.


In congruent with the mission of ‘Regenerating the Rhythm of Life of the Disadvantaged’, UCCLC ( Udayan Care Computer Learning Centre) is the the initiative of Udayan Care to make a computer literate community, and thereby improving the quality of of life of the local communities. In assocaition with Microsoft, we have set up 6 computer learning Centres in and arround Delhi, from which, more than 1700 people have benefitted. There are 350 students in the 6 centres at present.


With the assistance from the Rotary Club, Safdarjung, a library was set up in the Devli Computer Center on the 28th May’07. A small beginning with 450 books on various topics, from fiction to computer science, were made available to general public. This Library was inaugurated by Ms. Sunita Khanna, President of Rotary Club, Safdarjung.

Media Visit

Looking at the good work we do in and arround these areas in helping the community become computer literate, a team of print media visited us in our

Devli Centre on the 15th and 16th of May 07. reporters from Nav Bharat Times, and the Business Standard were present on the occasion, along with the members from Microsoft.

Road Show

We have designed various tactics as a part of our strategy to make people understand the importance of computer education. In this connection, we conducted a road show for the general public in the Narsinghpur village in Delhi, under the able guidence of Mr. Manoj Srivastava, our programme coordinator. This was conducted on the 5th June 07.

Cricket Match

Cricket being the most popular game in India, there could have been no other medium to mobilize the local population and make them aware about the importance of learning computer. With this idea in mind, a cricket match was organized to mobilize the community and get them interested in computer learning, in Vinod Nagar Center in the month of May.


This programme is aimed at bringing new hope to those children whose parents are infected by HIV/AIDS, but are themselves –ve. This programme

provides them with a monthly support, aimed at providing educational and nutitional support. We now have over 49 such children to our fold, including another 7 during this period with the help of CAF (Charities Aid Foundation) and two individuals.


Besides providing financial assistance, we also provide them with capacity building workshops, both for the parents and children, every month. During this period we conducted 2 workshops for them on ‘Being Creative in Daily Life’ and ‘Goal Setting’ with the parents and ‘Being Positive’ and ‘Power Education’ with the children.

Home visits

Home visits are another integral part of this programme, where we meet the affected families periodically and interract with them. This is done to ensure the correct usage of the monthly payment to the children as well as develop one to one contact wiith the family.

Head Office, Udayan Care
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