Udayan Shalini Fellowships

A scholarship for girl students, from economically weak backgrounds, that which goes beyond monetary assistance, grooming them to become independent and dignified women.

The programme provides financial assistance along with individual guidance and mentoring to young girls, who would otherwise not be able to complete their higher education due to lack of financial support from their families.

How you can Empower a girl to achieve Self- Independence

  • Rs. 24,000 for a USF Higher (Professional) Education Fellow for 1 year

  • Rs. 14,000 for a USF College Fellow for 1 year

  • Rs. 12,000 for a USF School Fellow or a USF Vocational Education Fellow for 1 year

  • Rs. 500 to support the residential camps and social awareness campaign for our deserving Udayan Shalini Fellows

  • Any other amount you wish to donate :

Total Rs.=