Donate to ensure a youth - right to employment:

UC Information Technology and Skill Development Centers

Reaffirming Our Honourable PM Modi's belief in youth to be the driving force in developing the Nation and changing India's image from "Scam India to Skilled India" – The Programme brings technology and vocational skills closer to underserved youth and enables them to have better livelihood opportunities.

How you can contribute in making our youth technologically skilled

  • Rs. 1,200 will enable 1 student a 3 month Certificate Course in basic computer knowledge

  • Rs. 2,500 will enable 1 student to complete 6 month Diploma course in computer application

  • Rs. 5,000 will enable 1 student to complete a 12 month Advanced Diploma in computer application

  • Rs. 3,000 will enable 1 student to complete 6 months Usha certified stitching course.

  • Rs. 2,400 will enable 1 student to complete 3 months course in beauty therapy.

  • Rs. 500 will help us in meeting the running cost of the skill development centers.

Total Rs.=