Recognizing the importance and need of improving standards of care, service delivery and mental health of institutionalized children and adolescents, Udayan Care, has initiated a series of consultations and workshops from March 2014.

On March 14-15, 2014, we organised a 2-day consultation with representatives of the 8 South Asian countries, “Seminar on Standards of Care and Mental Health with special focus on South Asia”. Over 250 people from 15 countries attended the seminar and enriched the discussions. The seminar came up with recommendations, which were published in a report and disseminated to all the stakeholders, including to the governments of these countries. At the same time, an academic journal, called “Institutionalised Children: Explorations and Beyond” was also launched. The seminar and the journal, both, were found to be much needed by the participants and later the other stakeholders.

Building upon the recommendations, now for the rest of the year 2014, Udayan Care has recently concluded a "Multi-Stakeholders’ Consultation on Aftercare Services for Children in Institutional Care" on September 17, 2014 and “Training workshops on Mental Health and Interventions’ to train the staff and volunteers working in Child Care Institutions (CCIs) to be conducted in the month of December 2014.

Multi-Stakeholders Consultation on Aftercare Programmes for Children in Institutional Care in India”

‘After Care’ is a term used to describe a variety of services and supports that may be available when a youth reaches adulthood and is no longer eligible to remain in foster care homes or institutions, based upon the policy of the State. Successful After Care programs seek to increase key capacities in institutionalized children while providing the necessary allocation of time for healthy transition out of institutionalized care. Life skills, educational attainment, and achieving gainful employment are key developments that occur in young adults as they transit into independent adulthood.  However, After Care is a largely unaddressed topic within the provision of child welfare services in India Recognizing the importance and need to develop a dialogue on this crucial issue with key stakeholders, Udayan Care organized a consultation on After Care Services in India on September 17, 2014, to engage diverse stakeholders, especially the civil society organizations and Government agencies, working on child rights, to examine the strengths and gaps in the current legislation and practices as well as bring to the fore, the problems and issues related to After Care services in India.

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Training Workshops on  Mental Health, Care & Management of Children in Institutional Care:

Two- day workshops in December on 19th and 20th

The two-day workshops on various aspects on Institutionalised children will attempt to train the staff, practitioners and different stakeholders in issues related to the mental health of children in institutions. Children who enter institutionalization through the Child Protection system are those who more often than not have been through something grave – loss, abandonment, death of loved ones, violence, betrayal, neglect etc. This is what makes the need for an urgent and immediate focus on mental health because, while it is the direst need of the traumatized child, it is the one that has received absolutely no attention. These are seriously victimized children and training people who care and manage the children is what the Workshops are about. The workshop will offer six different workshops dealing with different topics related to the care of institutionalised children. At the end, it will come up with a training module, which can be replicated in institutional care - investing in good practices in mental health care and services.

These series of consultation and training workshops are intended to include participants from NGOs working on the areas of child rights, child protection and alternative care of children, out of family net; volunteers, counsellors, Government functionaries; media and academia. We are attaching the proposals of both the proposed events in the following pages along with the budgets.

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The venue for the consultation and the training workshops are going to be held in India International Centre, New Delhi, India.