Our IT centres are a hub of knowledge-building. Udayan Care regularly conducts workshops, training sessions etc. with an aim to expose students to skills and information useful to their particular career paths and to enhance their confidence.

1. Importance of computer class in School

On 8th October, 2015, 5 of our students visited the SS Convent School in Vinod Nagar, Delhi. They met the students from 5th standard and explained how technology has struggled to find its way into the classroom in all sorts of ways. They also told about the use and importance of computers to improve the work and prepare for careers in a world where computers have become as common as the pencil and paper. Our students went to the computer lab of the school and shared the computer knowledge with these students.

2. Awareness Campaign “Stay off rail road tracks”

Our students from Sahibabad IT centre celebrated the DAN UTSAV on 6th October, 2015 with the theme as Awareness Campaign “Stay off rail road tracks”.

The students made the banners and posters with beautiful colors, slogans, Railroad safety rules and they put the train accidents newspaper reports also on the banner. 20 students started this campaign from railway road crossings of Main Shyam Park (a colony in Sahibabad) and reached to Sahibabad railway station with the aim for raising awareness in the population.

3. Social Campaign – Fight against Dengue

On 5th October, 2015, our students at the Badarpur IT centres decided to do a social campaign under the DAN UTSAV.

Our students collected the pamphlets from local MCD office and also made the posters and distributed the same in local community during this campaign with an aim to spread the awareness against Dengue.

4. Stop Dengue “What you can do”

On 5th October, 2015, the students at our IT centre, Kot village, Dadri (UP) planned to celebrate the DAN UTSAV by selecting the theme as Stop Dengue “What you can do”.

Our students explained to local factory employees about the disease, its symptoms, precautions and measures to stop the same with the aid of posters developed by the talented and creative students.

5. DAN UTSAV, Narsinghpur Village IT centre, Gurgaon

Our Narsinghpur IT center celebrated DAN UTSAV on 2nd October 2015. 5 of our senior students who have completed Basic Computer course from our center planned to serve some basic knowledge of computers in supervision of trainers to those students who do not know the importance of IT education. One day prior, the students visited nearby government school and chose 20 interested students.

Facilitator students planned two hours session and during the session they told the use and importance of computer in various fields and how computer education is best resource to get job easily. In the practical session, students were taught the use of internet, basic file options such as open and save, and how to add pictures or shape in a document.

6. A big thank you to the Caregivers

Our students at the IT centres in Sidhrawali, Gurgaon (HR) & Greater Noida (UP) paid a small token of gratitude to the housekeepers on 7th October 2015.

The students contributed money among them and conducted one small treat for the care giving staff. They arranged burgers, chips, snacks, cold drinks and also made beautiful cards for the staff which took them all by delightful surprise. To conclude the event on a wonderful note, Nisha (student) gave a speech and thanked the care giving staff for their efforts and time.

7. Success of our IT Badarpur Students (AYV Program)

The recognition came as a reward for the past three months of rigorous training and workshops aimed to hone the IT skills of our students. The students were given the basic knowledge of using digital media which included Adobe Premiere Element 11 and Adobe Photoshop skills. All students under the age group of 19 years were trained under this programme. They chose various social issues for their project work such as Importance of Hygiene and Sanitation.

The integration of AIF- AYV programme with our existing centre definitely helped us to promote technological literacy in the community and make people realize that it can be utilized in all walks of life to bring about betterment in their life.

We are extremely thankful to the AIF-AYV for giving us the opportunity through this three month programme to empower our youth to become agents of change in their respective communities. The AVY programme indeed became a model for strengthening our existing leadership and communication skills.

8. Workshop with UPS Foundation Volunteers, Badarpur IT center (Delhi)

15 volunteers from UPS Foundation conducted activities at our Badarpur IT centre. They made five groups with 8 children and 2 volunteers in each.

Mr. Yogesh Bajpai (Manager – UPS) along with his team managed the entire event and gave 30 minutes preparation time to each of the group. The group performed role plays, shared jokes, poems and also showcased their talents through songs and group songs.

Confidence level, team building and bonding were the outcomes of this activity.

9. Cricket Match

On 25th September, 2015, a small cricket match was organized between two centres where Sidhrawali team was the guest and the match was hosted by Narsinghpur.

Confidence level, team building, social skills and health benefits were achieved with this event.

10. Career Counseling Workshop conducted by Accenture India

On 16th May 2015, we organized a Career Counseling Workshop with the support ofAccenture India BPO. 60 of our students participated in this workshop. We started our session at 11:15 AM and during our first session, Arun Gupta told our students about our new job readiness training. He explained briefly about the objectives of the training and also checked the existing knowledge and awareness of the students about interview rounds.

Next session of career counseling was taken by Accenture group. Maya started the session by sharing her working experience in BPO sector. Maya explained BPO, KPO market trends, how people work in BPO, which facilities are provided. She also gave many tips to students for making a successful career in private sector.

Michael from Accenture group also took a session for the students. During his session, students asked many questions regarding his/her career, how they can benefit from the courses such as HTMP, Tally and ERP. Accenture group and Michael explained the utility of HTML in making web pages and the use of Tally in accounts department of any organization.

Corporate and individuals are most welcome to guide our youth and kids. You can help us in organizing training sessions, workshops, career counseling etc.