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Udayan Shalini Fellowship Programme

Higher education to develop girls into dignified, independent young women


In India, girls’ education is often considered the lowest priority, in particular girl’s higher education.  According to current transition rates, a girl who enters her final year of primary education (typically Class V) still only has a 54% chance of even starting Class XI. This does not even include girls who drop out during primary school or never attend school at all! The highest percentage of girls drops out between Class X and Class XI.  Only 68% of girls who enter Class X move on to Class XI (NUEPA 2015)[1]

Moreover, only 6% of Indian women (above 15 years) are college graduates.  Currently, out of every 100 graduates, only 38 are women (Census 2011).

We just could not live with the fact that a girl is not able to live her dream due to mere lack of support. Making a conscious choice to support higher education of girls, the Udayan Shalini Fellowship Programme was initiated in 2002 in Delhi with 72 girls. Since inception, USF has supported over 5800 girls from economically-disadvantaged backgrounds.


Programme Objective

*To support every girl with drive to fulfill her dream through advanced education and personality development skills

*To help young girls realize their massive potential within to outshine the world

*To encourage girls to continue secondary education and college

*To allow girls to pursue vocational training and technical courses at the undergraduate level



Impact of Udayan Shalini Fellowship
5800 girls 15 cities
USF was initiated in 2002 with 72 girls. Now, 15 years later, USF has given support to over 5800 girls. USF has chapters in 15 cities: Delhi(North & South), Kurukshetra, Gurgaon, Dehradun, Haridwar, Kolkata, Aurangabad, Mumbai, Phagwara, Jaipur, Hyderabad, Greater Noida We have just launched the programme in Chandigarh and Chennai



[1] NUEPA 2015: School Education in India – U-DISE 2014-2015