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Udayan Ghar (home) for Boys, Mayur Vihar (2), Delhi

Encouraged by the success of the 1st Mayur Vihar home, Ms. Madhu Gupta,the founder Mentor Mother of that home, decided to expand her motherly touch to yet more boys. And thus was born another Udayan Ghar for boys in Pratap Nagar. This home moved in 2010, just a year after its birth, as the then eight little boys, and an additional 4, got their very own Udayan Ghar Mayur Vihar (II)! Very close to the first Udayan Ghar in Mayur Vihar, this foster home is a DDA flat made possible with the generosity of individuals and the corporate fraternity who have wholeheartedly supported our endeavour.

There are both large and small bedrooms; larger ones for 4-5 boys each and the smaller bedrooms accommodating 2 boys. A spacious sitting area sees the boys in animated conversations with each other or with their Mentor Parents.

The large, partly covered verandah is a great place to play, especially on rainy days or very hot afternoons, while the space outside the house is great for outdoor sport. Being young, the boys are still exploring their interests. Several volunteers spend time with the youngsters- teaching them guitar, playing football with them, and encouraging other hobbies. This wonderful exposure is the key to our miracles of hope

Even though the kitchen is small; it always has something nutritious and delicious ready for the growing young boys, which they enjoy on the long benches outside the kitchen, nailed to the walls to save space!

Madhu Gupta and Dr. D. K Sharma as Mentor Parents have been anchors for the little boys, ensuring them the emotional support and guidance of a parent, so necessary for youngsters who have been orphaned or abandoned in the past. A dedicated social worker and Mental Health expert help the children cope with their traumatic past and other emotional issues.

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