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Jagshanti Udayan Ghar (home) for Girls, Greater Noida

As you head towards Greater Noida, you leave behind the traffic and noise of Delhi and enter the relatively more peaceful surroundings of the Jagshanti Udayan Ghar. The lovely red brick home, one of our most beautiful, was completed in 2003 and inaugurated by Governor of Uttar Pradesh, Prof. Vishnu Kant Shastri.

Enjoying the luxury of space, this foster home, is home to 32 girls, varying in age from 8 to 22 years- including the girls in the After care Programme who are above 18. With a large basement, ground floor and three storeys, it is built around a courtyard. Looking up, you are surrounded by girls scurrying above you on all four sides! That’s if they aren’t outdoors in the large basketball court and play area where they cycle, or in the basement busy with yoga, dance or art classes.

On the ground floor, is a counseling centre and a library. The Ghar also houses an Udayan Care IT&VT Centre with computer classes on the ground floor and stitching, tailoring and beauty therapy classes in the basement, all of which cater to the neighboring communities as well.

The open kitchen with a huge eating area on the first floor, is really inviting. Its wonderful to see the girls  all seated together like a large family, eating as they chat away nineteen to the dozen, especially since they have all had a difficult past - some being orphaned, while others faced abuse or were abandoned.

Close by are the tuition rooms, playrooms with a table tennis table. The girls have their rooms on the second and third storey where 4-5 girls share a bedroom; each room is beautifully decorated with beds, cupboards and study tables, to ensure the girls comfort. The TV room and meditation room are on the second floor.

The Jagshanti Udayan Ghar also houses the After Care Facility  for girls, who are above 18. Most are pursuing higher education, while some, on their way to independence, are exploring job opportunities. The spacious courtyard has seen many Udayan marriages with girls now raising their own families!

There are volunteers' rooms with attached baths. Indian and overseas volunteers, come and stay, some even for long periods maintaining a close bond with the girls through emails or facebook! Many even return after their memorable experiences at the home.

Jagshanti Udayan Ghar, Greater Noida has witnessed many happy times as the entire Udayan family from all Ghars meets here at least twice a year for Summer Camp! Children really look forward to meeting their Udayan siblings and spending 4-5 days together as a large family. Often Greater Noida becomes the meeting ground for our young Shalinis from the Udayan Shalini Fellowships as they come together for their Residential Camps.

Mr. Deepak Sharma, a father figure to the girls, Honorary Director of the home but Uncle and Mentor Father  for the girls  and his wife, Dr. Sunita Sharma their Mentor Mother, work hard to ensure the girls have a bright future, assisted by a full time social worker, Anita; and Usha, our senior caregiver, and other care staff. Most of the girls study in the best schools and colleges around, with the management bodies being kind enough to subsidise or waive the fee. Its the generosity of many individuals, corporates and institutions that has been responsible for some of Udayan Care's proud miracles of hope.

This home has a special status of 100% tax exemption on all the donations. By donating to the Jagshanti Udayan Care Hostel for Women, Greater Noida, not only do you help these young girls grow into independent, powerful young women, but also your donations are 100% TAX EXEMPT under SECTION 35 AC of the Income Tax Act.

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