Pyramidal Mentoring

It is a concept that is based on a Pyramid-model for the growth and development of Shalinis. The process involves three key entities as:


Senior Mentor: People from diverse areas keen on bringing a change to the society join the programme as volunteers and act as a guide and counselor for the Mentor Didis. There is a team of 5 Mentor Didis and 25 fellows assigned to a single senior mentor who has the role of a career-guru and psychological advisor to play.

Mentor Didi: She is an experienced fellow who has gained advantage from the fellowship programme and is ready to spread and transfer her knowledge, learnings and guidance to the younger Shalinis. 10-12 Shalinis are allocated to every Mentor Didi.

Mentee: These are the young girls who have just entered the world of fellowship programme and have utmost dedication and urge to learn and grow.

Group discussions, personality development and grooming help in better understanding of the young fellows and also provides a chance to the experienced ones to share their knowledge and learnings