Our Success Stories

“I knew I needed to go back to school to fulfill my dream of becoming an app developer, but I did not want to burden my father with fees. Parentsnever share their difficulties to their children but I knew how much my father struggles. Through the support given by the Pragnya Fellowship, I feel that I am helping my father, while also taking control of my future. It is a wonderful feeling!”

Ms Jyoti Shukla
IIITD, M.tech in Mobile Computing

“I am so much thankful to Udyan Care for making me a Pragnya Fellow.This is one of the bestthings that happened to me in my college.This is very useful program especially people like mewho came from village background. I was looking for financial assistance to pay for my M.Techprogram and had hard time with banks.This program not onlyprovides financial assistance but also introduces us to people with great hearts!”

IIIT Delhi M.Tech in CSE

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