Holistic Development

After becoming a part of USF family, the fondest memories of school and college are those which takes the Shalinis beyond the confined zones of a classroom, and which etches the fondest memories of fun and participation in their personal development.

Mentoring being the key component, developing a rapport and building trust is an important phase/ aspect in this journey starting from humble backgrounds to making it all the way to reach the pinnacle of one’s achievement. This calls for committed hours of social work, outdoor trips and camps, and workshops that help broaden the mindsets and transform the girls as capable individuals. A chance to explore the social milieu and the extensive interaction with peers enhances the analytical and out of the box thinking capability. The aim of holistic development is to provide the opportunity to widen their horizon of knowledge on various fields like career choices, social issues and personality development.

Keeping in mind the felt and assessed needs of our Shalinis from each CENTRE. The Udayan Shalini Fellowship plans several activities through the year focusing on the overall development, giving Shalinis the opportunities for exposure +which they may not have had so far.

Residential Camps are organized on a per year basis wherein the girls from different chapters get a chance to bond with each other and develop qualities such as self-awareness, team-work, self-confidence and leadership.

Workshops are conducted at every quarter and on a monthly basis as well in smaller groups. It provides the girls with a chance to build their self esteem and explore a career path of their interest with the career counseling that is provided in these workshops.

Educational Tours are also organized to build the confidence and knowledge of the girls.