Giving back is a beautiful gesture that incorporates conspicuous and inconspicuous contribution to the society. Merely more than a contribution, rather it is a feeling of making others experience the taste of immense positive transformation that our Shalinis have gained."

a) Mentoring as Mentor Didi’s

Soon after completing the Fellowship, alumnae Shalinis continue to give back and some accept to work as a mentor didi with 10-12 younger Shalinis under their mentorship as suggested in our Pyramidal Mentoring structure. They perform the dual role of a guide and an elder sister with the young fellows and the relationship of trust and care develops over time.

Soma Mondal, a younger Shalini from USF Kolkata, shared, “I am so happy to find out what having a didi means. Maybe someday I can be a didi to someone and give back what I have gained."

b) Social Awareness Activities

To develop a sense of social responsibility, girls engage in 50 hours of social work every year. This enhances collective social consciousness by getting a chance to have dialogue with diverse communities on common collective tribulations they face every single day.

Shalinis from each chapter do their bits to address issues such as environment, women safety, hazards of tobacco and drugs.


Many of our alumnae have set the example by contributing towards the development of our younger Shalinis. For Instance, Manika, who benefitted from USF Delhi made a financial contribution after she was deployed as a teacher in Government school. Smita Verma, also from USF Delhi, supported Shalinis financially till she commenced her Management Studies at IIM Indore.