The Udayan Care Corporate Mentoring programme matches a corporate with children aged 6-18 from an Udayan Ghar for a minimum period of a year.

An induction programme for both mentors and mentees sets the goals for the interactions as well as breaks the ice for employees, some of whom are interacting with children for the first time.

Based on the time available to the corporate, they work together with the children on a weekly or monthly basis at the corporate office. Joint projects on varied topics mutually decided, soft skills training, picnics and outings help form bonds between mentors and children that could last a lifetime.

The programme enables corporates to share their expertise with children, while children experience the professional environment of the workplace.

Every year of the voluntary programme adds skills and satisfaction to the children and mentors even as it assists the children in making informed career choices.

Organizations like the adidas Group, Make My Trip India, CSC, Headstrong, Genpact, Wipro, GE and NL Labs each have an Udayan Ghar they call their own.

To find out how your organization could join the Udayan Care Corporate Mentoring programme, please e-mail us at

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