Be seen as a company that cares. Share a percentage of sales of your products/ services with Udayan Care and allow your customers to be a part of the change your organisation is making. Improve PR, sales and increase brand loyalty.
Mary Kay has supported us for the last 2 years with a percentage of sales of 2 lipstick brands.

Or run a matching grant programme within your organisation and motivate your employees to partner the company Corporate Social Responsibility mandate.
You could also introduce us to your associates and partners, helping us to grow our donor base.
Other ways you can be seen as a socially responsible corporate:

  • Free banner space on your website, inventory on your TV, radio channel, magazine or newspaper
  • Stall spaces at your office at festival times to enable to us to sell our products
  • Employ the young adults of our programme and be recognised as an equal opportunities employer

To know more about how you can grow your brand and make a difference, contact us at