To help Big Friends understand the needs and form a bond with their Little Friends, Udayan Care organizes various interactive workshops.

An entry level training programme for new Big Friends is designed to help them truly believe in the deep significance their friendship will have in their Little Friends life. Activities like blindfolding and mindful walking, helps them realise how it feels to be totally unaware of what lies ahead similar to what their Little Friends feel when initially introduced to them.

Big Friends also undergo mid-term and advanced level training to equip them to fill in the gap in their friendship with their Little Friends.

Setting up of an Advisory Council
To strengthen the programme we have set up a nine member Advisory Council consisting of Dr.Randy Yeh from New Path Foundation, Dr. Kiran Modi, Managing Trustee, 5 of our seasoned BIG Friends, a professor from Lady Irwin College and our programme staff.

Having Big Friends on the Council is of great value as they have first hand experience of all aspects of the programme and can suggest effective improvements