Udayan Care currently has 12 Udayan Shalini Fellowships Chapters

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In 2002, the Delhi Chapter started the USF movement with 72 girls.  It has brought about tremendous change in the lives of its 1062 Shalinis.  In a metropolis, life is competitive.  At every level of education, girls have to work harder, and smarter, to break through social and other barriers. Delhi Shalinis learn to beat the competition in the right manner. 

Efforts and Achievements

With the advantage of experts in several fields, Delhi Shalinis enjoy a pool of rich resource people who aid their overall development through motivational workshops and career guidance. Social campaigns instill in the girls a desire to give back and make a change in their communities, while residential camps introduce them to a life of independence and encourage them to form bonds with their fellow Shalinis. The Delhi Chapter also initiated peer mentorship with senior Shalinis signing up as Mentor Didis to the younger girls, upholding their Pledge to give back.

Shining Stars – Shalinis from Delhi

Shanu Aggarwal (Batch 2007-08), Chartered Accountant and Company Secretariat, she is an entrepreneur, setup her own firm.

Aakansha Mutreja (2008-09), BA in German language and Trainer at Nagarro Software Pvt. Ltd.

Sapna Mittal (2008-09), BA in Business Economics and MBA. She is a Financial Analyst with Ameriprise Financials.

USF Delhi came about with the unfailing work put in by Mr S L Jain, then Principal, Mahavir Senior Model School, Mr Vikram Dutt, the late Mr C P Jain, Mr. K P Raizada, Mr. D A Mishra and S H Naqvi, Mr. Ashish Agarwal, and our Trustees.  The Board of Mahavir Senior Model School supports USF by sharing their school premises with us, for all our programmes, workshops, and meetings.