Udayan Care currently has 10 Udayan Shalini Fellowships Chapters

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First USF Chapter initiated in Delhi back in 2002 has supported 812 girls; currently 328 girls are availing the Fellowship in the center. Facing stiff competition in a city like Delhi, the young girls need to work harder to emerge as winners. USF instills in them a healthy competitive spirit enabling many of our Shalinis to study in prestigious institutions.

Efforts and Achievements

With the advantage of experts in several fields, Delhi Shalinis enjoy a pool of rich resource people who aid their overall development through motivational workshops and career guidance. Social campaigns instill in the girls a desire to give back and make a change in their communities, while residential camps introduce them to a life of independence and encourage them to form bonds with their fellow Shalinis. The Delhi Chapter also initiated peer mentorship with senior Shalinis signing up as Mentor Didis to the younger girls, upholding their Pledge to give back.

Shining Stars – Shalinis from Delhi

• Rita Verma is pursuing MBBS from Maulana Azad Medical College, Delhi University.

• Smita Verma (Batch 2002-03) is pursuing MBA at IIM Indore.

• Kanchan Chanana (Batch 2004-05) is pursuing MBA at SP Jain, Mumbai.

Its only the unstinting efforts of late Mr. C.P Jain, Mr. S.L. Jain, Principal, Mahavir Senior Model School, Mr. Vikram Dutt and our Trustees that made USF Delhi possible and paved the way for the Fellowships in 4 more Chapters in North, East and West India. The continued effort of the Board of Mahavir Senior Model School in sharing their school premises has been a boon for us.